Best mobile apps for brands

5 Best mobile apps for brands :

The world has gone mobile and so have brands. Mobile apps offer advertisers the opportunity to create engagement with a technology savvy audience on a regular basis and, with integration into the user’s smartphone, a much more personalized experience.

Many brands are exploring the capabilities of mobile marketing and fresh ideas are springing up every week. You can get plenty of app related advertisement in Youtube, Googel, and it is being exposed through Digital marketing such as SEO, SMO, SEM, SMM etc. Below are just a few that have caught the eye over the last 5 years.

1. Nike+ Fuelband


Following on from the release of its original Nike+ app in 2010, Nike has set another benchmark for fitness brand apps with the release of the Nike Fuelband application. Users can automatically send all their exercise information wirelessly from their Fuelband to the new Nike+ app. There they can see a breakdown of their daily activity by week, month or year.

The Fuelband and app has propelled Nike into a consumer technology space akin to that of Apple with its combined hardware and software products.


2. Pampers Hello Baby Pregnancy Calendar


This nice app aimed at the expectant mothers market has lovely features such as a ’360° View of Baby’, a function that gives a virtual 360-degree view of a typical baby on weeks 6,12 and 24 of pregnancy. There is also a ‘Womb Translator’, allowing women to hear what they might sound like to their baby in the womb.

Available on iOS and Android.


3. Starbucks

The coffee shop chain amalgamated a number of mobile marketing features into its app. These include a ‘Store Locator’, which allows users to get directions to the nearest store, find out opening hours etc, and the ‘Drink Builder’, which helps create personalized drinks.There is also an inbuilt loyalty card within the app, helping to encourage repeat business.

4. O2 Priority Moments

The mobile and Internet provider allows users to get access to exclusive brand offers, promotions, discounts and competitions. O2 customers are given the chance to enjoy ‘Priority Moments’ such as tickets to music events, rugby and other sports events.Tying in with its re-branding of music venues, this nice little app helps O2 users make savings while fostering brand loyalty.

5. AMC – The Walking Dead

The hugely popular American TV show now has a hugely popular app. Users can import a photo of themselves, then ‘Zombie-ify’ their image using zombie, eyes, mouths, etc from the show.Each week once a new season begins new props from the episode just shown are uploaded to the app.

Users portraits can be shared on Facebook, Twitter and the ‘Walker’ photo gallery.Firmly aimed at a younger audience demographic, the app has stayed in the top 20 free app download chart on the iTunes store since its release.

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