Blogger outreach

Reach out to bloggers and increase your influence:

What is blogger outreach?

Blogger outreach is the development of relationships with bloggers who have credibility amongst a focused audience. If you want to increase exposure for your business or brand, then guest blogging/reviews/competitions by well placed bloggers is a great way to attract attention.

Many bloggers have built up dedicated followings online, with significant weight placed on their opinions. By targeting these ‘influencers’ a company can generate greater levels of relevant online exposure. If done correctly, blogger outreach can create lasting relationships between your brand, bloggers and the audience you wish to target.


Blogger outreach is now big business as marketers search for more ‘genuine’ endorsements for their products.In the age of social media, customers are searching for products and services endorsed by their peers. A recommendation from a respected voice amongst the blogging and online communities has huge benefits for a brand.

A whole industry has grown up around ‘blogging for brands’, websites such as bloggersrequired and blogdash  allow marketers to post blogging assignments on their site and connect them with bloggers for a commission.


Blogger outreach has spread out across multiple fields. From fashion to food, music to make-up, blogging and bloggers have a huge online audience. If you want your brand to have a relevant online communication channel, having a blogger on your side can be hugely beneficial. Running competitions, voucher give-aways, etc. helps bring about engagement for both the blogger and the brand.


Ultimately blogger outreach is a way of humanizing marketing. People feel that they are not being ‘sold’ to when advertising is promoted by their favorite bloggers. In a world where consumer’s attention’s are increasingly growing shorter and advertising is fighting for awareness, blogger outreach is a great way to hold an audience’s focus and place your product in a positive light.


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