Diploma in digital marketing course in Chennai

Digital Marketing Course in Chennai

This Digital Marketing Course in Chennai offers you a comprehensive understanding of the most important areas of Digital Marketing, which involves assignments and interactive simulations to learn domain know-how. After completing this digital marketing training curriculum, you will receive a Digital Marketing Certificate showing that you have gained the skills of a digital marketing professional that confirms the abilities to lead the organization’s digital marketing efforts.

If you search for the best digital marketing training in Chennai in order to develop your experience you will make the correct decision by joining Spids Indiaa. We have realistic hands-on training with live assignments and simulations offered by professional digital marketing trainers. Our students are helped by Chennai’s realistic segment on digital marketing to obtain employment in top MNC firms. Spids Indiaa trainers are specialized subject matter experts and experienced industrialists who have an insightful analysis of digital marketing in Chennai.

Our digital marketing tutorial offered by qualified professionals. We have qualified as Chennai’s best training institute with 100 per cent placements in the area of digital marketing courses. Our mentors are over 10 years old in internet marketing, which allows our students to learn web marketing technologies functionally. Our course curriculum includes all the top search engines with real-time ventures Google, Bing and Yahoo. We can also teach you to evaluate your website results on tools such as Google Analytics, Incentive rate, Impression for Unique Keywords, CTR, etc.

Who can pursue the course digital marketing training?

Anyone looking for career development, particularly those pursuing leadership positions, should follow these digital marketing course in Chennai. This digital marketing professional experience will benefit from either of these roles:

  • Managers of Marketing/ Sales
  • Specialists in digital marketing
  • Professionals in promotion or distribution
  • Students of accounting, engineering, business or correspondence
  • Company founders or entrepreneurs
  • Advisor for ads

What is the average salary for a digital marketing specialist?

Here are a few facts and figures which show the high demand for digital marketers worldwide:

A digital marketing manager’s annual gross salary is 1,100,000 INR on glassdoor.co.in

There are over 58.944 workers in the USA and over 18,335 jobs in the UK at Indeed.com are Digital Marketing.

There are more than 28,508 jobs at Naukri.com in India for digital marketers.

India annual gross income is 300,000 – 400,000 INR for freshers.

Benefits of digital marketing course in Chennai at Spids Indiaa:

Trainers’ Real-time experts – At Spids Indiaa you will hear from industry professionals who share their expertise with students with enthusiasm. Get the experts’ personal advice.

LIVE Project – Get the opportunity to work in real-time ventures that offer you a transformative insight. Show your expertise in the project & improve the ability to get recruited!

Certification! Certification! – Obtain Digital Marketing certification

Affordable Fee – Digital Marketing Courses fees in Chennai at Spids Indiaa are not only affordable but can be charged in instalments. Our motto is a quality education at an inexpensive price.

Mode of study:

      • Regular
      • Week end Batches
      • Evening Batches
      • Fast Track Mode
      • E-learning
      • Distance Education.

Digital Marketing Training Syllabus

Search Engine Optimization course

On Page Optimization:
– Keyword Research
– Title Tag
– Meta Tag
– URL Optimization
– H1, H2, H3 Tags Optimization
– Content Optimization
– Keyword Density
– Image Optimization
– Internal Linking
– Domain Selection
– Hosting Selection
– 301 and 303 Redirection
– 404 Error Pages
– Canonical Implementation
– Landing Page Optimization
– No-Follow And Do-Follow
– Creating XML Sitemap
– Robot.txt

Off Page Optimization:

– Link Building Techniques
– Difference Between White Hat And Black Hat SEO
– Alexa Rank, Domain Authority
– Directory Submission
– Social Bookmarking Submission
– Search Engine Submission
– Web 2.0 Submission
– Article Submission
– Image Submission
– Video Submission
– PPT Submission
– PDF Submission
– Classified Submission
– Business Listing
– Blog Commenting
– Profile link creations
– Infographics Submission

Search Engine Marketing Course

Google Ads:
– Google Ads Account And Campaign Basics
– Google Ads Targeting And Placement
– Google Ads Bidding And Budgeting
– Ads Type
– Bidding Strategies
– Search Network
– Display Network
– Shopping Ads
– Video Ads
– Tracking Script
– Re-marketing
– Performance Monitoring
– Reports

Social Media Optimization course

– Facebook Promotion
– Twitter Promotion
– Instagram Promotion
– Linkedin Promotion
– Youtube Promotion
– Whatsapp Promotion

Social Media Marketing Course

– Facebook Advertising
– Twitter Advertising
– Instagram Advertising
– Youtube Advertising
– Linkedin Advertising
– Whatsapp Advertising

Enrolled: 10 students

Duration: 60

Level: Advanced

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Digital Marketing course – Demo Video

Digital Marketing Jobs For Freshers (Students/Unemployed Persons)

Digital Marketing Executive

Chennai, Tamilnadu

0-1 Years

Any Graduate

₹100,000–₹300,000 a year

Social Media Analyst

Chennai, TamilNadu

0-1 Years

Any Qualifications

₹100,000–₹200,000 a year

Digital Marketing Associate

Chennai, TamilNadu

0-1 Years


₹100,000–₹150,000 a year

Digital Marketing Executive

Chennai, Tamilnadu

0-1 Years

Any Graduate

₹200,000–₹400,000 a year

Digital Marketing Executive

Chennai, TamilNadu

1-3 Years

Any Qualifications

₹180,000–₹225,000 a year

Digital Marketing Associate

Chennai, TamilNadu

0-1 Years


₹200,000–₹250,000 a year


Digital marketing patterns are increasingly changing and upgrading at their own pace, and we must welcome the digital revolution that has already happened, which will inevitably assist companies in possessing the most up-to-date marketing tactics to support their products online.

Based on the reports, The average digital marketing professional salary in the United States is $50,139 a year. A digital media specialist’s average annual wage in the United Kingdom is £25,755.

In India, the average wage for a digital marketing professional is INR 4,69,000 per year.

With so many other nuanced subjects circulating on the Internet these days, learning digital marketing is the easiest thing to do.

That being said, though it is the simplest, it is a vast subject that will need a significant amount of time to understand and master. Given that you are a complete novice in the industry, digital marketing will take you approximately 3-6 months. And yes, it takes 3-6 months to not only learn but also master a subject.

The first step in becoming a professional digital marketer is to engage in a training programme that will provide you with the requisite skills. It’s also useful to know whether you want to work on a particular aspect of digital marketing, as several educational programmes cater to specific aspects of digital marketing.

To be able to communicate effectively with your clients, you must have good communication skills.

Good observational skills to be able to understand the nuances of your clients and even your rivals’ knowledge to help you succeed.

Good business skills to be able to collaborate and function as part of a team in the company and to understand just what the company is asking for.

To translate your leads to prospective customers, you’ll need good marketing or strategic thinking.

To be able to plan the latest and most convincing ad strategies to get your consumers’ interest before your competitors do, you’ll need a lot of creativity.

There are several institutes in the industry today that teach digital marketing. Some of them have a large fee structure that doesn’t even match what they teach, and others have low fee structures that are suspicious at times. However, there are also middle-of-the-road institutes that have good information at a fair cost.

Fee system for digital marketing institutes of all types.

Fees are higher, ranging from Rs 60,000 to Rs 70,000.

Fees in the middle range: Rs 30,000 to Rs 40,000

Fees range from Rs 8,000 to Rs 15,000 for the cheapest options.

The major goal of digital marketers is to be updated on trending electronic media promotion. Therefore you can choose to undertake distant learning. Some programs offered include: social  media optimization, pay per click and search engine optimization. You can enjoy practical exposure to what digital marketing entails.

For example in India digital marketing programs are offered in: Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Jaipur, Noida among others. All you need is just to make an inquiry and you will be enrolled in sessions via Skype. You are required to make payments through bank accounts in order to be given necessary materials like software kits, DVDs, online exam fee and certifications.

*Learn the fundamentals of digital marketing.

*Create your web page.

*Become an SEO Professional

*Master Facebook Ads Advertising

*Get Google Ads Certification

*Learn about Google Analytics.

*As a freelancer, find a job in digital marketing.

*Obtain a genuine internship.

*Keep up with new developments and continue to read.

*Learn how to use digital media techniques to business benefit.

Take Advice From The Experts. Subscribe to their newsletter and follow them on social media. Examine what experts in your field are doing, and then start doing the same in your business.

Not all of your competitors’ tactics will succeed for you, but you’ll have a great understanding of what works and, most importantly, what doesn’t in your business.

The major modules of Digital marketing are, 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Learn how to get a website to appear on the first Search engine marketing (SEM) – Learn how to successfully run advertisements on search engines.

Web Analytics – Learn how to use the metrics available in Digital Media to make strategic decisions.

Email Marketing – Learn how to create powerful user lists, send emails, and generate specific clicks. Bringing offline and online databases together.

SMM (Social Media Marketing) –  Learn how to use social media to develop client interests, create leads, and aggregate an audience.

Content and Blog Marketing (CBM)  – Learn how to use white papers, brochures, and case studies to build one-of-a-kind interactions.

Mobile Marketing (MM) –  App-based marketing, QR codes, location-based marketing, and SMS marketing are all things you should know about.

Marketing Automation – The primary goal of automation marketing is to make contact between buyers and products as simple as possible while still attracting new customers. It also aids in the generation of new leads and their nurturing for optimal outcomes.

Inbound Marketing/Integrated Marketing – Inbound marketing refers to effectively

  • Purchase a high-quality personal computer.
  • Brands and entrepreneurs in the field of digital marketing will teach you a lot.
  • Start Putting What You’ve Learned Into Practice
  • Build a blog or website
  • Develop your social media marketing skills by creating an XML sitemap for your website.
  • Enable social sharing and integrate the Facebook Page Plugin after setting up Google Analytics.
  • Start Paid Ads after you’ve published the content and promoted it.
  • Backlinks should be established
  • Obtain certification in digital marketing.
  • Stay updated with the most recent digital marketing trends.

From the privacy of your own house, you can use the internet to make money using digital marketing strategies. Known bloggers and entrepreneurs who have mastered these techniques no longer use them as a side hustle. This is their full-time job, instead!

There are a variety of ways to make money through digital marketing, including the following:

  1. Marketing of content
  2. SEO for blogging
  3. Creating a website
  4. Marketing on social media
  5. Affiliate marketing
  6. Marketing through smartphones
  7. Marketing via email

Obtaining certification demonstrates to clients that you have a thorough knowledge of the fundamentals of digital marketing. You may also use the certification in your CV and apply it to your LinkedIn profile with ease.

Completion of all 26 modules is required – Learn new skills and then put them to the test with a simple quiz.

Take the final test on google – Get qualified after passing the final 40 question exam.

Download your certificate and post it on LinkedIn or your CV to show off your new certification.

All will take the Google Digital Marketing online course for free and obtain a free certificate. Make the most out of your time in quarantine. Google offers online courses to help you advance in your career or business.

Specific modules can be chosen, or you can jump straight in to complete the whole course. Learn the basics of digital marketing and expand your career options. If you’ve passed the final exam, you’ll be able to grab a PDF copy of your digital marketing credential from the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing course link.

Step 1: Analysis -Read free online guides to learn everything you need to know to become a professional digital marketer, from blog posts to eBooks and course materials produced by seasoned marketers, marketing companies, and universities.

Step 2: Rehearse and Practice – The best way of education is consciously bringing what you’ve learned into motion. Develop test campaigns, monitor their success, improve them, and learn from the mistakes. You’ll be following the guidelines given by the research materials you’re using, and there will be no chance because you won’t be concerned with real-world digital advertising expenses.

Step 3: Obtain certification and qualifications – Take the associated certifications and training to assess your skills now that you’re comfortable with the research materials.

Step 4: Build a Digital Marketing Blog of Your Own – Having your digital marketing blog allows you to put what you’ve learned into effect while still demonstrating your skills. It will also assist you in making business contacts when you check out guest authors, receive input on your posts, and agree to compose for other publications.

Step 5: Seek out experienced digital marketers for training and support – Make the most of the latest connections you’ve made. You’ll need support and advice from seasoned experts who can guide you in the right direction if you want to evolve as a digital marketer.

Step 6: Continue to Learn and Develop – Digital marketing is a rapidly shifting and emerging area that necessitates its practitioners to evolve as well. Never stop looking for better ways to learn and new ways to develop your abilities. To know more contact us

This is one of the most fundamental questions that people ask. You don’t need to fumble any further, listed below are groups of people who suits to be part of the digital marketing team:

Students : Students with the knowledge in this field can be excellent entrepreneurs by building new business ideas. Additionally, students pursuing MBA can learn digital marketing alongside their course. It adds value to their resumes and they can secure a place as a PPC manager, SEO executive or a digital marketing analyst.

Marketing professionals : This particular group can benefit from taking digital marketing. They need diverse knowledge in this field to survive in this digitalized world. Those holding a degree in sales and business development have an added advantage.

Career switchers : If you want to switch from traditional marketing strategies to new marketing channels, this is the best option for you. Try this modern marketing platform to fit in in the current society.

CEO : As manager having a knowledge in this field is ideal for you to be proficient at delivering your suggestions. You will also understand team dynamics and give appropriate advice when necessary. Business owners: If you are in this group, digital marketing will help you realize more profits from your business in an easier way. IT professionals : IT experts can also benefit from this platform. Being an IT expert with knowledge on digital marketing can easily land you in a lucrative job.

Hiring open jobs front is gradually improving. In this digital era, companies have chosen to employ virtual marketers. However, they use a selection criterion which only allows experienced people to secure the job. Let this not frustrate you, all you need is to start small. Look for digital marketing through campus recruitment. Most companies are currently hiring but I will only highlight a few.

* Amazon

* Dentsu aegis network

* Paypal

* Myntra

* Google

* Capgemini

The following is a list of jobs that you can land in after pursuing a course on digital marketing :

* SEO Analyst

* Content marketer

* Web analytic executive

* Digital marketing executive

* Email marketing specialist

* Mobile marketing expert

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