Diploma in Fire Fighting

Fire fighting is a program that is offered in India for both students and professionals. It is provided by a group called Green World. It is a very recognized course in the country.

To qualify for the course you need the following:

Diploma in fire fighting  course is offered in order to enable learners to gain knowledge and skills to perform basic tasks given to them by their fire safety officers. The candidates should have all the skills and knowledge necessary to act safely and effectively when they are the member of an integral fire rescue team.

When the team is faced with hazardous situations the officer in charge should work under the direct supervision of the company and act as the team leader in the group. It is also necessary for those working in the fire safety department and wish to increase their knowledge and qualifications for better career chances or even those wishing to increase their skills on individual safety against fires, health and rescue professionals.

Those who are working in the fire and safety profession such as aviation, fire prevention/safety examine those who are willing to join the industry to advance their knowledge and understanding in the occupation.

Why do companies require fire fight officers?

The National government and employers have a duty to protect the nation and all employees which is why the government ensures that industries prevent accidents by appointing the best safety officers. They have to have certificates that are approved by the occupational health and safety training courses units verified by the government.

Who shall choose Diploma in fire fighting course?

Anyone who is interested in a fire safety career can choose this course.

Lately, most companies prefer to take candidates taking technical courses such as either a bachelor’s degree or diploma in science either physics, chemistry, mathematics, mechanical, chemical, electrical, civil, engineering, or others like these.

Certificate details.

The certificate is offered within two weeks after the results from BSS that is promoted by the Indian government’s National Development Agency.


The certificate should be:

The certificates are verified by the exchange of employment.

They are also verified by the Ministry of external affairs in India.

When you take a diploma in industrial safety get a certificate that offers international platforms like NEBOSH and IOSH.

Employment outlook and information on salary

According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics in the US there was an increase in fire fighters demand by five percent from 2014 to 2024. The demand is expected to remain high and the average salary of a fire fighter is 49,330 dollars by May 2015.

Can one study the course in form of long-distance learning?

There is the technical support that helps one to study this fire fighting  course online. It ensures these courses are accessible through long-distance learning and also online.

How do you study the fire fighting course through long distance?

First, you enrol in the diploma in distance mode.

You should then get government approved safety books and question banks for the course.

Ensure you get the necessary technical support from the support team

Contact the professionals to book for your exam online.

Once done with this you should wait for your results.

Get the certificate and become a registered government safety engineer.

What if you are a first-year student, can you do the course in long distance mode?

This is possible. It only presents the problem where you need more than a degree to get the job you want. To get the employment you need to attend an interview, skills and detailed knowledge of the subject. It is best to attend the course in regular mode.