Diploma in Industrial Safety

Diploma in industrial safety was initiated by the Indian government to help aspiring students and employees to properly manage health issues, occupational risks and other health hazards faced at workplaces. Developed by the highly acclaimed Spids India, the one year course aims to equip employees and students with the necessary knowledge and skills pertaining workplace safety and how to efficiently take care of their health as well as the environment. Diploma in industrial safety course helps ward off workplace related risks and accidents.

Industrial safety course equips students with relevant skills helpful in risk management, health operations, safety management operations, and the general improvement their health. The rise of workplace-related accidents saw the need of protecting the environment, safeguarding human lives and protecting industrial assets arise. After successful completion of the program, participants come out as experts who can easily and efficiently handle any industrial task in any part of the world.

Industrial Safety training syllabus

Mode of study :

  • Regular
  • Week end Batches
  • Evening Batches
  • Fast Track Mode
  • E-learning
  • Distance Education.

Industrial safety examination Details:

Duration : 3 Hours

  • Paper 1, 2 & 3 combined: 2 hours written exam – 10 questions (no choice) – 100 marks
  • Paper 4, 5 & 6 combined: 2 hours written exam – 10 questions (no choice) – 100 marks

Conducted By : Controller Of Examinations, India

Benefits of Industrial safety certificate

– Certificate is approved by government of India
– Candidate willing to move abroad for health and safety jobs.
– Course certificate is attested by ministry of external affairs
– Can become eligible to apply for MIIRSM (Member of the International Institute of Risk and Safety Management)
– Certificate will help safety officer to get promotion.
– Certificate is eligible to register at employment exchange.

Why do company recruit industrial safety officers?

It is a constitutional duty of the national government and employers to protect their personnel. As such, the government insists that industries should employ qualified safety officers who have been verified and approved through participating in safety and health occupational training courses.

Doing so eliminates half-baked students and professionals who pose a risk not only to themselves but also to their colleagues at their workstations. Recruiting highly trained safety officers also increases their productivity while minimizing absenteeism which occurs as a result of workplace-related injuries which would otherwise be avoided.

Who benefits from the diploma in Industrial Safety course Program?

Anyone with an interest to become an industrial safety officer can enrol and benefit from the program. These days, most companies prefer candidates who have a technical background over those who do not technical capabilities.

Regardless of whether they have a diploma or a bachelor degree in mathematics, chemistry, physics, electrical, mechanical, and civil or chemical engineering, the course will come in handy to those who successfully go through it.

It also gives them an added advantage over those who have not participated in the program. This is because their curriculum vitae shows that they have more qualifications over their counterparts who haven’t studied about the Industrial Safety Program.

Duration of the industrial safety training Course

The duration of the industrial safety training  in Chennai is twelve months (one year). The student will also participate in a 45 days fast-track mode for additional value purposes.

Why Spids India for industrial safety course?

Spids Indiaa offers a year’s diploma in industrial safety courses that are government approved. Chennai produces highly experienced students trained by qualified staff who are internationally recognized.

The Indian government is of the opinion that Chennai can offer the safety training program efficiently and effectively, which is why it charters the institution to offer the program throughout India. Backed by the government and the National Development Agency, Chennai offers fire and safety courses throughout the country.

Safety Professionals gives participants a chance to engage in safety program courses that are highly valuable and essential in enhancing their professional journey and in giving their careers the very much needed boost. The program is attested and certified by the ministry of external affairs.

Industrial safety certificate details

Students who successfully go through the program will be awarded a certificate within 2 weeks after their results from the BSS comes out. The BSS is recognized and promoted by the government of India and the National Development Agency.

Do Long Distance Students Qualify for the Industrial Safety Courses?

These government-approved safety courses offered at Chennai have excellent technical support. Currently, the government Industrial Safety Engineering course is available to long distant students who can purse it through the online platform.

How Can Long Distant Students Participate in Industrial Safety Courses?

When you enrol for the long distance Diploma in Industrial Safety for engineering courses, you automatically get government approved course materials and books as well as question banks. You also greatly benefit from the extensive technical support that our safety trainers’ team offer.

Get in touch with Safety Professionals to register for your online Industrial Safety Course. After the registration process is complete, you go through the program and sit for the exams. Upon passing the necessary tests and exams, you automatically qualify to be registered as a government safety engineer; you are also awarded the Industrial Safety Engineering certificate.

Safety officer interview questions and answers

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