Diploma in Offshore Safety

Could Diploma in Offshore Safety so unfamiliar to you? Well, it is a specialized occupational health and safety program that was created by the Government of India which takes care of specific relevant occupational issues on safety, greatly associated with offshore work activities.

The content of the offshore safety course and methodologies used in teaching are wholly built to make sure those individuals from any background or geographic locations are able to understand and complete the course successfully within a given period of time.

Offshore safety course syllabus:

Mode of Study:

  • Regular
  • Week end Batches
  • Evening Batches
  • Fast Track Mode
  • E-learning
  • Distance Education.

Offshore safety course examination Details:

Duration: 3 Hours

  • Paper 1, 2 & 3 combined: 2 hours written exam – 10 questions (no choice) – 100 marks
  • Paper 4, 5 & 6 combined: 2 hours written exam – 10 questions (no choice) – 100 marks

Conducted By : Controller Of Examinations, India

Why Most Companies Go for Safety Officers

Both the national governments and employer have a responsibility to ensure their employees and peoples are protected.

The government can make this possible by insisting much on industries in order to prevent accidents by appointing the best and highly qualified safety officers through verification of government approved occupational safety and health training certificate courses.

Details of Offshore safety certificate credentials

Students will be able to get certificates within a period of two weeks for their effort input at BSS that was promoted by the National Development Agency of the government of India. The certificate will be:

-Diploma certificate shall be verified through employment exchange

-Qualify an attest by the India, Ministry of external affairs

-Diploma certificate on Industrial safety course will give you a platform to access certificates that ate internationally recognized such as IOSH and NEBOSH.

Can Safety Courses be done in Distance Mode by a Fresher?

Sure, safety professionals are on the verge to develop the best safety expert. With certificates only, you may not be able to find your best safety jobs, because it will be a bit difficult to secure a job without going through the interview.

And in order to make a successful interview breakthrough, you must have extensive knowledge on safety subjects; therefore, it would be more prudent for you to go for regular courses.

How to go about diploma in offshore Safety Courses on Distance Mode?

-First of all you need to enrol for an offshore  safety course which can be done through distance mode.

-Look for a safety book material and the question banks which is approved by the government.

-Acquire an extensive support from the team of safety trainers.

-Contact the safety professionals in order to book the safety course exams online.

-Remain patient until your results are available

-Look for your certificate that confirms you’re an authorized industrial safety Engineer

What are the Associated Job Opportunities After you Complete the Course?

NSA offers most professional diplomas and boasts of Technical excellence. This therefore, will make it easy for you to secure jobs such as Safety Engineers, safety officers, fire officers, safety inspectors, fireman, fire engineers and so forth.

The Minimum Possible Salary after Course Completion

-In India, the minimum amount you may get is around Rs. 20,000 + and some other associated perks

-In Gulf the minimum amount of salary is around Rs. 50,000 – 70,000 + and some other perks

Safety officer interview questions and answers


For the papers you must have, experience is highly important. Without good experience, you may not be able to secure a job. NSA provides enough time for training in different industries. They conduct modules, and exercises from various hazardous environments regularly throughout the period of training. They gives their students sufficient practical experience, this therefore, places them on the better side compared to the experienced students, at any interview training test.

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