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How To Eat Banana For Bodybuilding

How to eat bananas for bodybuilding

Bananas for Bodybuilding Everyone wants to look fit and healthy. But few people are fit and healthy due to poor diet and lifestyle. Nowadays, some are worried about being fat and some are worried about their slender body. Obese people often lose weight by going to the gym or using detox foods. But thin and frail people often do not understand how to make themselves fit and healthy? Or how do bodybuilders? As such, many people suggest that eating bananas can be beneficial for bodybuilding. So if you also want to take care of yourself and want to build your body to have a good figure then we will help you. OnlyMyHealth brings you a special series called “Body Building Tips”, in this series our experts will tell you about special tips and exercises to maintain a good physique and build a muscular body. Today in this series you learn how to eat bananas for bodybuilding? (how to eat bananas for body building)

How do you eat bananas for body building?

1. Banana smoothie

If you want to gain weight or do bodybuilding, you can use banana juice. Drinking banana juice can help you in bodybuilding. Drinking banana juice daily before and after your workout will help you gain weight slowly. Besides, your body muscles will also grow. Add 2-3 bananas, almonds, raisins and cashew nuts and grind them well. Now eat this juice.

2. Bananas and ghee

You can also eat banana and ghee together for body building. For this take 2-3 bananas. Add 2-3 tablespoons of ghee and mash it well. You can have a mixture of banana and ghee for breakfast every morning. The calories, carbohydrates, and healthy fats in bananas and ghee can help you gain weight.

3. Bananas and yogurt

Eating yogurt mixed with bananas is also very beneficial for body builders. For this, take full-fat curd in a bowl. Mix 2-3 bananas well. You can now have banana and yogurt for breakfast every morning. You can eat before or after your workout if you like. Eating banana and curd together daily will help you a lot in gaining body muscles.

4. Bananas and honey

If you want to build the body, you can also eat banana mixed with honey. For this purpose, cut 2-3 bananas and put them in a bowl. Mix banana and honey well. You can now eat banana and honey on an empty stomach in the morning. Eating banana and honey together daily can help you gain weight gradually. You can eat bananas and honey daily to build the body.

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