HSE ( Health, Safety and Environment)

Maintenance and repair

The HSE ( Health, Safety and Environment) department in every workplace is meant to ensure that everything is maintained and repaired properly. This is especially when it comes to machines for they usually wear out after being used for sometimes. When proper maintenance and repair is not done properly the chances of accidents happening are increased. Faulty machines also do not function properly and therefore they might slow down work leading
to wastage of money and time. it is important to get a good professional to do the repairs and maintenance to ensure everything is done properly.

Managers and supervisors

Managers and supervisors play an important role of ensuring that things are done properly in every workplace. They are responsible of ensuring that the employees are treated properly and have all the things they need to ensure work is done properly. The managers and supervisors are required to be well trained especially when it comes to handling people. This is because they are responsible of making sure that employees have good working conditions and they are also required to interact with the employees. They also deal with the employees on one to one basis and as a result they need to know how to handle people.

Manual handling

Even though technology has resulted to most things being done automatically there are things that need to be handled manually. These include machines which need to be operated manually. The HSE ( Health, Safety and Environment) department ensures that all the things being handled manually are safe. This includes providing the people handling the machines with safety gears. Some things which are handled manually require certain skills and as a result it is important for people handling such things to be properly trained.

Material safety data sheets

These particular sheets contain details regarding various machines and how safe they are. These details include the time when different machines require to be repaired and maintained. The importance of these sheets is that they help in determining when the various attributes are due to be repaired. They also allow the professionals doing the repairs in determining which parts of the machines that need to be replaced. This prevents the machines from breaking down when they are in use. It also enhances safety especially for the people operating the machines.

No go zones

The no go zones are the areas which are highly risky and they are usually out of bond except for people with proper authorization. Such areas are usually protected so that people do not get in easily. Only people with the necessary permission are allowed to get into such arras. These include professional who might go into no go zones to do repairs and maintenance. Such professionals usually have the right skills to know what to touch and what to stay away from. The HSE ( Health, Safety and Environment) department should ensure that the no go zones are well protected.


In many work places there are things which usually produce noise. Such things include machinery which are designed in a way that they make noise while they are being used. The noise usually harms the environment and it
is the responsibility of the HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) department to ensure that the noise is minimized. Most modern machines are being designed in a way that they produce minimal noise. This is mainly to reduce the harm that might because by too much noise in workplaces.

Occupational Health & safety Act 2004

This particular act was put in place to enhance protection of employees while they are working. The act states that employers must put in place measures that enhance the safety of their employees. These measures include providing the employees with protective gears to make sure they are not exposed to risks while they are working. The employees also need to ensure the things being used in work places are properly maintained to reduce chances of
accidents happening.

OHS Management systems

These particular systems are put in place to ensure people are working in safe conditions. These include ensuring that regardless of the occupations people are protected properly from accidents. The systems put in place different measures including providing protection to the employees. The systems further ensure that employees are not put in unnecessary risks while they are working.

Personal safety and well-being

This is an important aspect in any workplace where the safety and well-being of every employee is meant to be enhanced. It is also the responsibility of every employee to ensure his or her well-being is enhanced. An employee should not accept to work in conditions where he or she is exposed to accidents. The employee should make sure that the area he or she is working is safe and conducive. Even though the HSE ( Health, Safety and Environment)
department should enhance safety one is also responsible of ensuring that his or her personal safety is put in place.

Hazardous substances

The HSE ( Health, Safety and Environment) department has the responsibility of ensuring that all hazardous substances are handled and kept carefully. This is mainly such substances can easily cause harm if not handled
carefully. Such substances should be properly labeled so that any one handling them can know that they are risky. They should also be handled only by people who are authorized. The importance of this is that people without the necessary skills might cause accidents when they handle such substances.

Incident notification

Whenever there are incidents in any workplace it is important for the relevant authorities to be notified. In most cases the HSE ( Health, Safety and Environment) department is the one responsible of dealing with incidents. The department handles the incidents depending on their magnitude. There are some incidents that are more serious and they might require everything else to be stopped so that they can be controlled. However, there are some minor
incidents which can be handled as everything else goes on. The people working around the areas that incidents happen need to notify the relevant authorities immediately so that the incidents can be handled appropriately.

Infectious diseases

These are diseases which can be passed from one person to the other through different ways. Such diseases are passed from one person to the other mainly through coming into contact or sharing things such as utensils.There are also such diseases which can be passed through the air without necessarily coming into contact. In workplaces such diseases can be easily spread for people work close to the other. This is the main reason why the HSE ( Health, Safety and Environment) department should put up measures to prevent such diseases from spreading. Such measure includes providing employees with protective gears. It is also important for the employees to be checked
regularly so as to control the infectious diseases.

Job safety analysis

This is the analysis done to determine the safety levels in workplaces. The analysis establishes the level of risks so that the necessary measures can be put in place. The areas that are more prone to accidents are dealt with and the necessary safety measures are put in place. The analysis also helps to avoid accidents which might have occurred. By determining the job safety employees are able to work in more conducive areas where safety is enhanced. The analysis is usually done by the HSE ( Health, Safety and Environment) department.

Labor hire

Employers and business owners usually take time to hire competent employees. The employers usually interview the various candidates mainly to determine their skills. There are even business that outsource employment duties by giving other companies the responsibilities of hiring labor. Upon coming into agreement with the employers the people being interviewed are required to start work after stipulated periods of time. The employment can be in full time basis or even on part time basis depending on the agreement.


In every workplace there are people who are responsible of leading others. Such people include supervisors who are supposed to monitor how the other employees are doing. In most cases the more experienced employees are the ones responsible of leading others. It is also necessary for the people leading to have leadership skills. This is because the people leading are responsible of looking after the welfare of the others. This includes enhancing  safety and providing the necessary working tools. The HSE ( Health, Safety and Environment) department works together with the leaders to ensure safety is enhanced.

Building And Structure Design

The HSE ( Health, Safety and Environment) department needs to be consulted while designing buildings and structures. This is because the designs need to put into consideration the safety of the people who will be using the building. The design also needs to comply with the various laws and regulations. This is the primary reason why it is important to hire a competent expert to do the design. The expert will have the necessary skills and will also have a good understanding of the various laws.

Communicating across languages

There are various ways of communicating across languages. These ways are helpful for it might be hard for people who speak different languages to communicate effectively. One of the most effective ways is using signs to communicate. Both people would have a good understanding of the signs being used for the communication to be effective. It is not necessary for one to undergo training so as to understand the various signs. This is because there
are some signs which are easy to understand and they are accepted globally as a mode of communication.

Confines spaces

Confined spaces are the spaces that are located in enclosed areas. The HSE ( Health, Safety and Environment) department in any workplace is responsible of ensuring that such spaces are safe. This includes ensuring that there is amply supply of fresh air in such spaces. It is also important to ensure that these spaces are designed in a way that there are no chances of accidents happening. Some of the confined spaces are by default where they happen because of the other components in a working place or a building. However, regardless of the design of these spaces it is
always important to enhance safety.

Controlling OHS Hazards and Risks

The HSE ( Health, Safety and Environment) department also has the responsibility of controlling OHS Hazards and risks. The department is supposed to put the necessary measures in place to ensure that OHS hazards and risks are minimized at all times. Some of the helpful measures include ensuring the tools being used by the employees are safe. It is also important to ensure that the working conditions are improved regularly to make sure that the employees are safe at all times.

Cranes and lifting equipment

Cranes and lifting equipment play an important role in different workplaces especially in industries. Just like other machines they also need to be kept in good condition. The HSE ( Health, Safety and Environment) department should ensure the cranes and lifting equipment are in good condition at all times. This includes ensuring that they are repaired regularly. They should also be operated by skilled and qualified people. The experts operating them should have undergone the necessary training so that they can understand how to operate them properly. The training is usually done in various institutions and after completing the training one is issued with a license. There are also people who learn on the job but they must pass the necessary exam prior to being issued
with licenses.


Asbestos is one of the common substances that is found in many workplaces. It at times accumulates and can easily cause harm if it is not removed effectively. A company should ensure that the accumulated asbestos is removed
regularly so that it does not cause unnecessary harm. There are even companies that specialize in removing asbestos. The HSE ( Health, Safety and Environment) department has the responsibility of ensuring that asbestos does not accumulate so as to avoid the damages that it might cause.

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