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Although it hit a bit of a bump in the road last year after declaring that it was going to use members images in advertisements without paying for them, Instagram is a growing social network with an avid membership. A recent statement from the company has shown that it’s hasty backtrack over the controversy has worked as the network has just reached 90 million monthly users.

With up to 40 million photo uploads a day and a 1000 comments per second, Instagram is a social network which brands need to have a presence on, even just from a branding point of view.With the launch of Instagram web profiles in November 2012, the network has made it even easier for businesses to promote themselves.Let’s have a look at what brands have made the biggest impression on Instagram to date.

1. Victoria Secret

A company that is based on making women look beautiful is definitely going to do well on a image based social network. Also, it attracts male followers because of well, the scantily clad models.

2. Ellen

The Ellen DeGeneres TV show attracts the second highest number of brand followers on Instagram. Her show relies heavily on memes and videos from the Internet for content and so it is no surprise that her marketing team have developed a big presence on the photo sharing website.

3. Starbucks

The Seattle Coffee company has always been one of the first companies to adopt new social media trends and so in keeping with tradition has built a very large following on Instagram.

4. Eonline

The celebrity and gossip channel lives and breaths on up to the minute news from the world of film and TV. Instagram is the perfect medium to this news through pictures to an image obsessed audience.

5. Louboutin

The women’s shoe maker comes in a surprising fifth in the list. Although their shoes would be out of the price range of a majority of people, Instagram users certainly want to look at them. With user engagement through text cards and photos, Louboutin have created a strong fanbase on the network and upped it’s brand awareness in the process.

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