Fast food interview questions

Fast food interview questions

While looking for a job in a fast food restaurant one is taken through an interview. This interview entails being asked a number of fast food interview questions. These questions are meant to ascertain that the applicant is the right person for the job. The way one answers these questions plays an important role in determining whether one gets the job. This makes it paramount to be properly prepared prior to attending the interview. Here are some of the most common fast food interview questions.

Personal Questions

Question you have food related experience?

Answer I. yes, I have worked in a restaurant for two years

Answer II. No, this is my first time working in a food related job but I am a quick learner so I will get along well

Question 2. Do you have good interpersonal skills?

Answer I. this is one of the most important fast food interview questions and my answer is that I relate well with people mainly because I am polite.

Answer II. I am a very social person and I rarely get angry and this can be shown by the many friends I have.

Question 3. Do you have a problem working for long hours?

Answer I. I am committed to this job and therefore I do not have problem working for long hours.

Answer II. I do not have a problem even working at night because this will be my only job and therefore I will not have other commitments.

Question 4. How long do you intend to be with us?

Answer I. I intend to work here for long because I want to grow my career.

Answer II. I am on long holiday which will be about four months

Question 5. Are you a honest person?

Answer I. I am a very honest person where in my last job I was the one responsible of finances and this can be shown by my answers to the previous fast food interview questions.

Answer II. Yes, I believe in being honest and earning my pay in a professional manner

Professional questions

Question 1. What would you do in case a customer gets upset?

Answer I. I would politely try to listen to the customer to establish what might be the problem

Answer II. I would give the customer time to calm down and then politely explain about what the customer is complaining about.

Question 2. How would you deal working with an annoying colleague?

Answer I. I would always be polite to the colleague to avoid any confrontation.

Answer II. I would try to avoid the colleague and only interact with him or her only when it is necessary.

Question 3. If your superior asks you to do something you know is wrong would you do it?

Answer I. I would politely refuse to do anything I know is wrong.

Answer II. I would politely try to explain to the superior that what he or she is asking is wrong.

Question 4. How well do you know our company?

Answer I. I know that this particular company is amongst the best in this industry and it believes in providing customers with the best services.

Answer II. I know this company is a fair employer and it gives all the employees opportunities to grow.

Question 5. Do you have any questions for us?

Answer I. I would just like to know whether I get to choose the branch I want to work on

Answer II. No, I full understand about this particular job as shown by my answers to these fast food interview questions.

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