Funny Resume

Funny Resume

A resume or a bio-data is the first impression of a candidate on the employer. It describes the skill set, educational qualifications, work experience, nationality and personal information. If the resume impresses the hiring manager, then an interview is scheduled. Sometimes the candidate may possess the required talent and skill set, but a poor or funny resume can spoil the job search.

A poor resume can lack proper contact information or work experience. Also, sometimes the candidate is not able to express his/her career objectives and goals in a proper manner. Due to these factors, your application might get rejected. Most professionals try to make their resume presentable and impressive. However, sometimes, a resume may turn out to be funny. In the race to stand out from the crowd, sometimes a candidate’s creativity may be a source of laughter for the employer.

Let us look at an example of a funny resume

It is good to be honest while writing a resume, however, some people just go too far away in honesty. According to this website, one person mentioned that he had no educational qualifications. On top of that, he had been working as a drug supplier for around 5 years.

In his experience, the person mentions working as a marijuana dealer and a nefarious dude under the work experience section. According to him, this supply business helped him learn the demand and supply economics. In addition to that, he was able to maintain a consistent clientele and he had amazing customer satisfaction. Also, he learned life lessons by being arrested in several county jails.

So what should be expected after an employer reads such a resume? Most of the times any reputed company would not be ready to hire a drug dealer. Some hiring managers may get impressed by the honesty of the guy. But it is certainly not recommended to write such a funny resume.

This is not the only person who has shown such a daring act in resume writing. There are several other candidates who send out resumes, sometimes in the wrong language and tone, with absurd pictures, wrong qualifications, with a note to “Hire ME”. However, for professional resumes also, employers give less than a minute most of the time. Such absurd resumes can directly go to the trash or dustbin of the hiring manager.

Tips for writing a professional resume

Instead of wasting time by sending out such funny resumes, these resume writing tips need to be followed.

• The most important thing is organizing the content of the resume in a proper manner by giving headings and sub-headings which gives complete information to the employer and compels him to spend more time on your resume.

• Along with job experience, try to highlight the learning experience and achievements during the work tenure.

• The accomplishments of the candidate must be quantified in the resume. This will build up the confidence of the hiring manager and the chances of selection increases.

• Highlight the talent and skills pertaining to the job description. Showing cooking experience for the job of a driver makes no sense.

• Share proper references and contacts.

• Proofread your resume to avoid grammatical and spelling mistakes.

A resume is a picture of one’s talent and skills. How well it is represented will decide whether the candidate will be hired or will continue his job search for another months and years to come. With a professionally written resume, one can get a perfect job with the expected pay scale.

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