How to answer why do you want this job

How to answer “why do you want this job”

Apart from good academic papers, you must also highlight your abilities and skills to clinch that job. You must also be well prepared to answer questions during the interview. Behavioral interview questions tell a recruiter how you handled various situations during your previous work. Your answer tells about your competency and personality, and indicates to the employer how you will behave if employed. An example of these questions is: “How to answer why do you want this job” that the article below discusses.

Five approaches on “how to answer why do you want this job”

1. Your career goals

In an interview, the recruiter wants to know your career goals and how exactly the position fits into your plans. As an interviewee, “How to answer why do you want this job” will entail explaining that you want to be around for several years and even climb up the ranks. This way, the employer will be confident in investing in you. To nail it, impress the recruiter that your enthusiasm and knowledge, skills and aptitude fit the position and places you in a position for even bigger roles at the firm.

2. Interest for the job

During an interview, the hiring manager strives to ensure that the person who gets the job has sincere interest for it and the motivation to perform. Having this in mind, “how to answer why do you want this job” should not be a difficult task.You should clearly communicate what you love about the job in question. A greater answer should make clear that you are good for the job at hand. You can also explain how your interests have prepared you for that job. You should speak with enthusiasm to show your excitement towards the job.

3. Your knowledge of the company/industry

Personnel managers prefer to give jobs to candidates who understand their company well and have respectable knowledge about the industry. One sure approach in “how to answer why do you want this job” is to show the recruiter that you did your homework and have sound understanding of how the company works, its portfolio, work ethics, the management structure, the current board, among others. This might entail scouring through the company’s website or its coverage in mainstream press. During interview, give precise reasons why you want to work in the company. For instance, by explaining that you want the job so that you can drive sales for the company’s product in an unexplored market, the hiring manager will appreciate your understanding of their products and market territories.

4. Don’t focus on yourself

While it could be evident that you need a salary to meet your needs, that should not come out as the reason why want that particular job. And neither should you mention flexible hours and short commuting distance as your key reasons for the job. A better approach in “how to answer why do you want this job” is to show the hiring manager how your services will benefit the company, and not the other way round.


Recruiters will almost always pose: “why do you want this job”? You must always employ the right approach in answering the question to convince the hirer that you are the best fit for the job.

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