How to make a good resume

5 Surefire Tips For Creating A Perfect Resume

Your resume plays an important role while presenting your professional side in front of your prospective employer. It is a medium through which your employer is able to get some idea regarding your ability to serve the company. As a result, it is very important for the resume to create a good impression on the recruiter. In most cases, an employer is not going to spend more than several seconds while going through the resume.

Consequently, make it a point that the CV is able to grab the attention of the recruiter within a few seconds during interview session. For this reason, you should take care to make the resume as perfect and flawless as possible while highlighting your talent and expertise in the best possible way. In the subsequent paragraphs, we are going to mention some essential tips on how to make a good resume.

1. Length of the resume

It would be prudent not to exceed more than one page while writing your resume; however, it can be a couple of pages in case you would like to write a bit more about yourself. Take care not to exceed more than two pages since in that case, your recruiter might lose interest while going through the resume. Also, never attach your work sample along with your CV and, instead, prepare a few sample files.

2. Fonts

Never make use of any unconventional fonts and go for some professional looking ones like Tahoma, Arial, and Verdana instead. Also, use a font size of 10 to 12 so that it is easily perceptible. Avoid using any uncommon font since there is a possibility that it might spoil your Word files. Using tables within limits is not a bad idea and you can also underline the headings. Also, avoid using any background image unless you’re applying for an artistic job.

3. Spell check and grammar

The next tip in this list of how to make a good resume will be not to make any grammatical error or spelling mistake since it will create a bad impression on your employer. For this reason, make use of a competent spelling and grammar checker which will help to proofread your resume before submitting it.

4. Content

Take care that your resume is not monotonous so that your employer does not feel nonchalant while going through it. Also, highlight your previous experiences, if any, and qualifications within the CV along with your abilities and expertise. Do not write anything which is untrue since you might be in deep trouble when your employer questions you afterward.

5. Update and proofread your resume

Your resume must be updated on a regular basis and you must go through it repeatedly to get rid of any errors if any. Consider reading the resume aloud which will help you to detect any mistake.


Bear in mind that you will get only a single chance to create your first impression. In case you stick to the above-mentioned guidelines on how to make a good resume, you should be able to build a perfect CV that will create a good impression on your potential employer and help you in landing your dream job.

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