How to reject a job offer

How to reject a job offer

The hardest part of one`s career is to reject a job offer. Imagine if you like certain company and by chance there is a
job opening where you decide to prepare your resume and apply for the opening. You successfully go through the
interview are get offered with the job opportunity. However, later on, you realize that the job was not a good fit and hence needed to reject the offer. This can be so hard and disturbing considering the trust your soon to be employer had bestowed on you. You will therefore need to go back to the drawing board.

Rejecting a job offer should can be done by making a phone call or drafting a short email stating gracefully and politely the reason for the decline. One of the ways you could politely decline a job is by stating that the job duties and responsibilities that you actually aspire towards, and mention some areas that you felt you that were missing in the job.

There are many reasons why you may decide to decline a job. For instance

A low pay cheque

You might get a job in a big company but get offered a low salary. This is very discouraging especially if you were excited about taking the job. You can address that in your email or call and state clearing that you were willing to work only that the salary is too law. The employer may actually reconsider making a better offer if they see your willingness to work

Unhappy with the company`s culture

If you don`t like the cultures in the organization, the way the workers give their services or the way the supervisor treats people, it is advisable that you don`t express your dissatisfaction.

In your rejection letter, you should clearly state that you are not interested in the job and politely give your reason. There are important elements that you should include in your job offer. Learn to say `no thanks n the most gracefully way by first appreciating the chance of being offered the job opportunity. State clearly why you could not take the job offer, for instance if it`s for the reason of low salary, give your reason and explain your willingness to work if the job salary was considered. Make sure you do not give poor work environment as a reason for a job decline. It is important to avoid this, as you never know when your paths will meet again

Another important thing to do is to address the letter to the person who offered you the job. Make sure you indicate all your personal details even though your details is on the file with the employer. Make sure the content of your letter is well put out and make sure it comes with a positive mood.

While declining a job is commonly associated with the stated above reasons, another reason is that you may find yourself being offered two job opportunities at the same time. This is an ideal scenario where you will definitely put all the factor into consideration and choose the offer that comes out to be the best one. Make sure your reason is short, brief and well understood.

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