Java Servlet

What is Java Servlet?

Java is a very popular programming language that you need to master as soon as possible. If you want to take your website to a whole new level, you have to deal with Java servlets from time to time too. So we will let you know more about Java servlets here as well.

What is Java servlet?

A Java servlet is just any program that can extend a server`s capabilities down the road. These types computer programs tend to implements a lot of applications that are hosted on the famous Web servers. A Java servlet is just the counterpart of PHP and the important ASP.NET. You will use a servlet so you can store or process any Java class in the useful Java EE. This Java EE must comfort to the useful Java Servlet API.

Application of Java servlet?

You can use a Java servlet if you just want to add some dynamic content to any web server out there when you are using the useful Java platform. The content that a Java servlet generates might be either XML or HTML. Remember that a Java servlet will receive a request, and then it will generate a response based on this request. You can use a JSP so you can generate a Java servlet automatically.

What is servlet engine?

A servlet engine is just a program that can take any client request for any dynamic page out there so that it activates the important Java class. This will allow the program to add dynamic content right away. You will use mostly a JDBC connection so you can get the content from your queries to any database out there. You might also have to deal with an architecture that separates the Web server from other apps.

What is the use of a Servlet container?

A Servlet container is just the company of any Web server that can interact with any Java servlet out there. This Servlet container will do the following things:
-It will ensure that any URL requester just happens to have the right access-rights.

-It will map any URL to any servlet out there.-It will manage servlet`s lifecycles.

Apache Tomcat is an example of the important open-source web containers that you can find out there.

What is used in Servlet API?

A Servlet API needs the following two packages, which have all the classes and interfaces that this API needs:


The first package is used just for serving the important protocol-less requests. The second package is just created for any HTTP protocol request out there. A servlet has to implement the Java.servlet.Servlet interface either indirectly or directly by just extending the important class that implements this interface.

Now that you know even more about Java servlets, you just have to take bold action. Remember that you can take your app or website to a whole new level of performance and enjoyment when you use the power of a Java servlet right away. If you need to generate any kind of HTML or XML document, a Java servlet can do the trick too.

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