Mcdonald’s hiring age

McDonald’s Hiring Age


McDonald’s is amongst the biggest chain of fast food restaurants. This particular company provides different kinds of job opportunities to people who are qualified. The company ensures that it abides by the labor laws when it comes to hiring people. This including observing the minimum age laws where the company is against hiring people who have not attained the stipulated ages.

The minimum age mainly depends on the kind of employment that one gets in these restaurants. This is because the company has different kinds of jobs which require different qualifications and which can be done by people of different ages. Because of this it is paramount to know the McDonald’s hiring age for the different types of jobs.

The Minimum Age

McDonald’s can hire people who are 14 years old for different kinds of simple jobs. These are especially the jobs that do not require any skills. Some of the most common jobs where the company can hire teenagers who are fourteen years or older include in the kitchen, on the counter and in maintenance. These teenagers usually work under people who have the right skills and are experienced.

Such teenagers usually assist the more experienced employees with manual jobs which do not require a lot of skills. But to be employed as a teenager one needs to show commitment and diligence. This is especially when working on the counter since one will be handling the customers directly. One also needs to be honest and good in mathematics because it will require one to receive payments from the customers.

Night Employment

Even though the McDonald’s hiring age has a minimum of 14 years old the teenagers are not eligible to work at night. This is for the simple reason that such teenagers need to be at home at night. Such teenagers might also experience transport problems because they do not have license to drive and therefore must rely on public transport. As a policy the minimum McDonald’s hiring age for the people who work at night is 18 years.

An eighteen years old is responsible enough and as a result can easily work even at night. The company ensures that the teenagers who are below eighteen only work during the day so that they can go home before dark. This is part of following the labor laws which prohibits people who are under age from working at night. It is also part of the company’s policy to ensure the teenagers are not exploited or put in danger by working at night.

The Bigger Positions

Besides the simple jobs there are more sophisticated jobs at McDonald’s such as mangers. Such jobs are not subjected to McDonald’s hiring age because the people who apply for such jobs are already adults. Such people
need to have completed school and training where before they complete the training they are already adults.

It is not possible for a teenager to apply for a managerial position because the teenager will not have been trained properly. This is the main reason why majority of the teenagers who work on this restaurant chain only work on the simpler jobs. Therefore, knowing the McDonald’s hiring age is helpful while looking for a job from this restaurant chain.

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