Mcdonalds interview questions

Informative And Educative McDonald’s Interview Questions

While going for an interview at McDonald’s it is paramount to know the likely McDonald’s interview questions that are likely to be asked. By knowing these McDonald’s interview questions it will be easier to pass the interview because you will be prepared with the right answers. There are various McDonald’s careers but there are certain questions that are asked to every applicant who wants to get hired. You will most likely go through to open interviews McDonald’s and If you pass the first interview you will be invited for McDonald’s second interview. Here are the common McDonald’s interview questions and answers.

Personal McDonald’s Interview Question

Question 1. What are your qualifications?

Answer I. I have attended catering college and I finished top in our class.

Answer II. I am still in college but I would like a chance to gain experience during this long holiday.

Question 2. Why do you want to work here?

Answer I. I have always admired this company and I cherish a chance to work here.

Answer II. I am properly trained and I believe this company will help me advance my career.

Question 3. What are your career goals?

Answer I. I am already in college studying catering and I believe this job will give me insight on how this industry works so that after finishing college I will be able to build a successful career.

Answer II. I would like to become a renowned chef and since this company is international I believe it will provide me with a platform to advance my career.

Question 4. How old are you?

Answer I. I am twenty four years old which I know is above the McDonald’s hiring age.

Question 5. What is your availability?

Answer I. I am currently on long holiday and as a result I will be able to work through the entire holiday.

Answer II. I intend to work here for a long time since I will be working full time as I look to advance may career.

Question 6. Can you work overnight?

Answer I. This is one of the McDonald’s interview questions I was expecting and the answer is yes because I am fully committed to this job and therefore I can work at any time I am required to.

Answer II. I will be working full time at MCDO and as a result I can work at any time because I do not have other commitments.

Question 7. What section of our company would you like to work on?

Answer I. since I am still in college I can work in any sections that has an opening.

Answer II. I am a very social person and as a result I can be serving customers.

Question 8. Why should we hire you?

Answer I. I believe I have the right skills and I will add value to this company.

Answer II. As I have already stated in the previous McDonald’s interview questions I believe you will benefit a lot from my skills.

Question 9. Do you have experience in retail?

Answer I. I have worked in a small outlet in the retail department and I gained experience working in retail.

Answer II. Before joining college I helped my parents on their store and I was efficient in the retail department.

Professionalism McDonald’s Interview Questions

Question 1. Are you good with people?

Answer I. I have a lot of friends and I get a long with almost everyone and therefore I believe I am good with people.

Answer II. In my previous job my counter always had more customers for the customers liked how I served them.

Question 2. What would you do if a customer was upset?

Answer I. I would start by apologizing and then listen what is the problem and try to fix it since I am social person as stated in the previous McDonald’s interview questions.

Answer II. I would politely listen to the grievances and then explain to the customer the available solution to the problem so that the customer can choose which is the best solution.

Question 3. How would you handle working with an annoying colleague?

Answer I. I would try to avoid the particular colleague and if it is necessary we work together I would always be as polite as possible.

Answer II. As I have explained in the previous McDonald’s interview questions I am good with people and therefore I can be able to calm down even annoying people.

Question 4. Would you do something that your superior asks you to do even if it is wrong?

Answer I. I am an honest and diligent person and therefore I would kindly refuse the request.

Answer II. I would try to explain to the superior the negative effects of such things and I am sure I can convince him or her because as I have already answered in the previous McDonald’s interview questions I am a friendly person.

Competence McDonald’s Interview Questions

Question 1. How well do you know McDonald’s?

Answer I. I know this company is the leader in this field and it gives priority to customer satisfaction.

Answer II. I know this company is an ideal platform for anyone who would like to advance his career.

Question 2. How did you learn about this opening?

Answer I. I always keep on checking whether this company has an opening since I have always wanted to work here.

Answer II. I visit this company’s website from time to time and this is where I learnt that there is an opening.

Question 3. Do you have a problem with relocating?

Answer I. as I have already answered in the previous McDonald’s interview questions I will be working full time and so I do not have a problem with relocating.

Answer II. Since I am still in college I would prefer to work in the branches that are close to my home.

Question 3. Do you know the objectives of this company?

Answer I. I know that McDonald’s is committed towards making sure that the customers are totally satisfied.

Answer II. I understand that this company is committed towards making sure that it provides foods of the highest quality.

Question 4. Do you believe that we remunerate our employees fairly?

Answer I. I have gone through the salaries you pay to employees in different sectors of your company.

Answer II. The company does not have a high employees’ turnover and therefore I believe the employees are satisfied.

Question 5. Do have a question for us?

Answer I. my only question is whether I answered the McDonald’s interview questions you have asked me in a satisfactory manner.

Answer II. I would just like to know whether once hired I can be posted into another country if I want to.

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