McDonald’s Part Time Jobs

McDonald’s Part Time Jobs

McDonald’s is one of the most common places that help students to work part time as they offer flexible schedules and training and development programs as the education and benefits.

But what is this program about? McDonald’s next to Archways to Opportunity had created this program to help anyone to learn, grow and finish their studies. No matter in which stage of the journey you are if you work on McDonald’s part time job or you are an employee of participating independent franchisees. You have the opportunity to finish your education either is high school diploma, master English, earn your college degree or if you need tuition, they have what you need.

Since the launch of the program in April 2015 all their four programs had been successful:

High school complementation

McDonald’s made a study of education and they found that 40% of Americans don’t have a High school degree, that is one of the reasons they offer McDonald’s part time jobs for students. In partnership with engage learning, they offer the nationally-accredited Career Online High School (COHS) program is an online program, eligible employees are able to work at a pace that fits their time and activities whatever is most convenient for them to obtain their diploma. The program includes an academic coach and McDonald’s covers the cost of the program through upfront tuition assistance, saving employees the program fee of $1,295. In the first year, they have awarded high school tuition assistance to 819 employees.

College assistance

This is one of the main reasons you should work in a McDonald’s part time job. Unlike other companies McDonald’s help students financial support so they can study the best career form them either it is a two of four years degree. The best part is that they pay the tuition in advance so employees can focus on the most important their education. Thanks to their Tuition assistance program they offer financial help to eligible employees to choose any college courses at higher education institutions validated by the United States Department of Education.

Also thanks to the flexibility of the program they employees had the option to choose where they want to study and what is the best option for them either is taking online classes or going in person to the college campus. Last year the helped 3,346 employees through their program of college tuition assistance and that is not all They have partnered with six colleges that provide additional advantages for students including Ivy Tech Community College, College of America, Colorado Technical University, Excelsior College, DeVry University and DePaul University.

Advising Services

Many students in the United states had dropped off the school for various reasons, including high tuition costs and extra fees, lack of support and trust in the institution, and inflexible schedules also many adults want to come back to the school that Archways to Opportunity with the Council for Adult & Experiential Learning(CAEL) offers individualized guidance to eligible employees balancing school and work, also McDonald’s give a free advising personal program so employees can choose the best path for their future and their careers.

English under arches (EUA)

This program is excellent for a non-native English speaker that need to learn the language. McDonald’s part time job for students helps foreign people to learn English as a second language. Launched in 2007 it had helped almost 4000 of person to get their proficiency in English, this program not only defeats the barrier of the language it also help people to have a developed skill in communication. Since 2015, 872 graduated from the program.

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