Rejection Letter After a Job Interview

Rejection Letter After a Job Interview

Take a case where an applicant is not selected for the job after an evaluation of their candidacy, what strategy would you take to inform them about their dismissal? As a hiring manager, would you neglect to illuminate them or sit and wait for their call and disclose to them that they have been rejected? Informing them verbally or writing a Rejection Letter after interview to tell them of their dismissal, is a very suitable alternative for a good reputable company.

Why is this important

It is much essential for the applicant to receive the letter because, failure to communicate to them about the job dismissal may likewise harm the reputation of the company and influence, hiring of skillful and talented candidates for the job in future. Hence, the best practice is to issue a Rejection Letter after the Job Interview for not selecting the candidate. The written communication should be the best correspondence routine of a highly regarded organization or company.

The reputation and goodwill of an organization depend on their communication ways and their treatment of the employees, customers, clients, and candidates. For an illustration, a candidate shows up for an interview, after long preparation and waiting. It isn’t essential that the viable candidate would be selected but, in the event that his dismissal is not conveyed to them in an appropriate way at that point, such a step would portray a negative picture of the company. It is additionally against corporate culture since the corporate custom requires, all correspondences ought to be in writing and, records ought to be very well documented and filed for future references.

The following steps would be the most viable choice for the business or hiring manager of the company to inform the applicant about not selecting them for the posted job.

Follow up Phone Call – Calling up the applicant and advising them about their dismissal, is the best practice for the HR Manager to take after.

Issue Rejection Letter after an interview – After calling up the applicant, the hiring manager should issue an official letter to the candidate for not choosing them.

As a candidate, it is a good idea to try and make follow-ups on your application’s status, particularly in the event that you have made numerous job applications and therefore need to settle on a quick decision on another job offer.

Following up quickly after an interview with a thank-you email is an especially effective methodology, since this enables you to remind the potential employer to remember your qualifications, answer any inquiries you feel were not completely tended to in the interview, and keep you “best of the psyche” as employers settle on their hiring choices. However, it is additionally fine to contact the employer a little while with a moment email or telephone call in case you have not gotten any notification from them.

Brief Content of the Letter

The Rejection letter after interview may begin with, saying thanks to the candidate for showing up for the interview and inform them about their dismissal by, expressing reasons, for example, salary expectations being very high, not possessing the needed skills by the company or well qualified for the job.

In conclusion, the employer should note that such steps ought to be taken promptly and he ought not to make the candidate wait for a longer time frame, as they may miss a couple of other interviews elsewhere, which they may have wanted to attend. In case a candidate fails to qualify for the job and a Rejection letter after interview reaches them, there’s sufficient time for them to apply somewhere else. Such a process would expand the goodwill of the company, among the candidates and furthermore demonstrate the great work efficiency of the same.

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