Should i put my address on my resume

Should i put my address on my resume

This is a question that most job seekers, find themselves confused about. This article will give you a clear insight into what exactly you are supposed to do and whether or not you need to put an address on your resume. Before I get to answer your query,It is important to mention that you must include all your contact information on the resume. This is the only means that your employers can get to reach you.

That being said, it is important to go straight to the query.Technically speaking,it`s not important to add an address to your resume. This is because, in this error, there are almost nil cases of getting any written response to your job
offering via mail, so there is no need to put it out there. However,your employer would be interested to know if you are local so that it assures them that you are easily available and this will get them an estimated time that you will use to report to work if they gave you an offer. An employer can weed out a very good candidate if they feel like your commute might be too long.Your resume should somehow give your employer an idea of where you are and not necessary a complete address. Make it very simple and don`t unveil the full details of your location.

These are some reasons why you should not unveil full address details namely;

Personal safety

Posting your full address will subject you to all sorts of identity thieves, and scammers may use your address to access your personal financial information. Avoid all swindles that come by posting your full address to the whole world.

Economic profiling

Providing your full address on your resume is very dangerous as the employer can use the information to their advantage. For instance,they will run your information on to determine the value of where you leave and your neighborhoods. They may find out how much you pay as rent, and if they gather that your area is a low-income
area,they will assume that you can accept a low salary offer.On the other hand, if they gather that you come from a high-income area,they will overlook you because they will assume they can`t afford your salary requirements necessary to march your living conditions.

Cases where you are relocating

As I mentioned earlier,putting an address on your resume can give you away and deny you a chance of landing a job. There is another question on resumes about when you are planning to move or relocate if you should put your real address? My take is, indicate with all honesty the address of the place you are (short detail).Choices have consequences,and it will all depend on you and if you can handle the consequences of lying.

Remember,if you lie about your address and later successfully get the job,you might be forced to come out and say,that you lied about it.This might be a deal breaker. On the other hand,you can choose to play along with the lie which sometimes maybe too costly and very inconveniencing. My take would be to state your current address.Put it short and indicate it, in simple terms,that you will be relocating. Don’t forget to mention the time you plan to relocate


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