What Makes a Good Resume

What Makes a Good Resume

In today’s labor market, having just a resume is not enough, but you need a resume that will secure an interview and one that will catch the eye of a busy hiring manager. So, what makes a good resume? For your resume to be a good one, your resume must have the following components – this will make the hiring manager have a second look that helps you land the job.

An Executive Summary

The objective statement in your old resume needs to be replaced with a snappy executive summary. One thing that adds up how you see yourself career-wise is the executive summary. The executive summary contains just a few sentences that tell what makes you unique in your field and it is usually placed importantly at the top of your resume. Explain what you are interested in and what you are great at while focusing on those traits that differentiate you from other applicants.

Quantifiable Achievements

The professional experience section of your resume must be focused on your quantifiable achievements. You should also make mention of how many deals you saved and how you saved your company. If your resume says that you saved $10,000 in your first year in your company among other 50 resumes that saved the company money, your resume will be the one set aside for interview – you should analyze how you let that happen. For you to have a good resume, you must put recent achievements closer to the top of the page and provide company names with a brief description of the company especially for smaller, lesser-known organizations.


Here, you should pay special attention to keywords. Many companies used to search for exact keywords they used in the job from your accomplishments and skills description. Not every company uses tracking software for applicants they instead search for exact keywords. You have to take your time in matching your descriptions with the standard words used in your industry.

Consistent Branding

Many companies check applicants’ profiles out online before calling them mostly from social media. Be consistent in making your profiles on your resume match with your professional online profiles. Your resume will be a good one if you provide a link at the top of your contact information to your online professional profile – make sure you update it regularly. Keep things simple by using one email address and one phone number professionally and make sure they are accurate, and up to date everywhere you go.

Simple Fonts and Basic Colors

With the use of a simple technology, make sure you keep your resume simple – it will be a good resume with just a basic black font and a white background. Avoid using images – images can confuse tracking software for applicants. Make sure you include a lot of white spaces for easy scanning of your information. A good resume should include bullet lists for valuable information like your achievements.This will make it easier for hiring managers to find out necessary information with a quick glance.

The lists above are what makes a good resume. Since few seconds are spent by hiring managers on a resume, you need to make yours a good one. Focus on your quantifiable achievements, use professional formatting with plenty of bullet lists and white spaces and include a concise executive summary at the top of your resume. Don’t let a bad resume prevent you from getting an interview and denying you of the job.

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