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Tips for email marketing on mobile

A recent survey conducted of retailers engaged in email marketing found that for the first time mobile took over from desktop as the platform from which the majority of people now access their email.As this trend is almost certainly set to continue, email marketers must keep in mind that desktop and mobile are different platforms which require their own strategy and tailored approach.Below are a few useful tips about how to maximize your email marketing on mobile.

1. Keep it Clear

Try and keep your copy clear and to the point. As emails opened on mobile are often done so while on the go or first thing in the morning, people want to easily understand the purpose of the email straight away.

2. Be Responsive

With increasing numbers of emails now opened on mobile, it is no longer good enough just to retro fit desktop emails to mobile marketing. As most standard emails are more than 600 pixels wide, when viewed on a smartphone screen the email is condensed to almost half its original size. This leads to images and text being hard to see and read.Responsively designed emails mitigate this problem. Text and images will automatically realign and resize for optimal viewing on tablet, smartphone or desktop.

3. Style Links

If you have a number of links in your email think about including buttons for your ‘Buy Now’/ ‘Read More’/ Twitter and Facebook links.On small smartphone screens these buttons will be easier to interact with and more engaging, encouraging customers to click on the links.


Mobile ownership looks to be moving only one way, up. So, if you are to catch customers attention by email you will be increasingly doing so through mobile. With clear copy and responsive design you can still deliver the same results as standard email marketing on mobile without annoying and alienating your target market.

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