India Pin Code

India Pin Code

The Postal Index Number, abbreviated as a PIN, refers to a coding system involving a 6 digits number used by the India Post for the purpose of numbering their available delivery post offices. The India Pin Code system was introduced on 15, August 1972. The purpose of the introduction of the Pin Code, also known as zip code or area postal code, was to make it easy to manually sort and deliver letters and parcels. The system made this possible by avoiding confusion owing to similar areas names or an incorrect address.
The Procedure for Deciding the PIN Code of a Particular Locality
There exist 9 PIN regions in India with the first 8 being geographical regions while the digit 9 is for the country’s army postal service. The first digit in the India Pin Code serves to reflect a particular region, any of the 9 regions. The first two digits and the third, and the last three digits represent the sub-region, sorting district, and the specific post office code. For example, if our India Pin Code is 110001, here is the structural meaning.
• 1 (the first digit)-Indicates Northern region as the postal region/zone
• 11 (the first two digits)-Indicates Delhi as the postal sub-region
• 0 (the third digit)- Indicates Central Delhi as the sorting district
• 001( the last three digits)-Indicates Connaught Place as the specific post office
a. The First Digit
Northern region- 1, 2
Western region – 3, 4
Southern region – 5, 6
Eastern region – 7, 8
Army postal service – 9
b. The Second Two Digits
11 -Delhi
12 and 13 – Haryana
14 to 16 – Punjab
17 – Himachal Pradesh
18 to 19 – Jammu and Kashmir
20 to 28 – Uttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal
30 to 34 – Rajasthan
36 to 39 -Gujarat
40 to 44 – Maharashtra
45 to 49 – Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh
50 to 53 – Andhra Pradesh
56 to 59 – Karnataka
60 to 64 – Tamil Nadu
67 to 69 – Kerala
70 to 74 – West Bengal
75 to 77 – Orissa
78 – Assam
79 – North Eastern
80 to 85 – Bihar and Jharkhand
90 to 99 – Army Postal Service
c. Third Digit
The third digit that the India Pin Code contains indicates a sorting district, like Kolkata district, located within one of the 9 regions.
d. Last 3 Digits
Used for the purpose of indicating a particular Post Office located within the district under which the address provided on the parcel or letter falls.
Finding India Pin Code
It is very difficult to recall a Pin Code of any specific place or locality (city/town/village) in India because the country is large. Therefore, to help you find a specific India Pin Code or locality, you can proceed to this website for the Ministry of communications, Department of Posts. In the sections provided on the website, you are supposed to provide or select the particular State, City/District or Post Office name then perform a search to find a PIN CODE. The website also offers you the option to either download all India Pin Code Directory or download the Pin Code directory based on village or locality.
The Importance of India Pin Code
In this digital world, online messaging and emails are common. This has led to the popularity of letter writing to decrease in a great way. However, it must not be forgotten that about 2 decades ago, letter writing was an essential channel of communication. The writing of letters provided most people with a popular way to be able to stay in touch. In that time, even phones were not that common like they are now.
Even with what may appear as the reduced popularity and use of post office, the truth is that this service is still very much in demand. It is estimated that the post office at present still manages to deliver about 40% of the mail of the world to about 150 million businesses and homes. Consequently, here are some of the benefits of using India Pin Code.
I. Increased Efficiency
The distribution system of the Post is now more efficient and thus guaranteeing prompt sorting and delivery of mail.
II. Reduced Confusion And Errors
Initially, confusion and errors were common due to incorrect or incomplete addresses, similar place names, and numerous Indian languages and scripts. Now the process of sorting of letters to be delivered to particular locality has become easier with less confusion and errors encountered. Sorting out letters or mail received by a Post office is based on the PIN Code provided in the address. The sorted post is the routed or sent to the appropriate Post office located within a particular locality and thus allowing easy access to the parcels and letters.
III. Life Made Easier
The life of receiving and sending letters and parcels has been made easier for the postal service and courier companies ever since the introduction of the service in 1972.
World Post Day
The World Post Day is commemorated on October 9 every year. The date marks the anniversary of the Universal Postal Union (UPU) in Berne, Switzerland’s capital city, in 1874. It was the UPU Conference that was held in 1969 in Tokyo, Japan, that declared the World Post Day. The role of the World Post Day is to inform people concerning the role of the Post in their daily lives and businesses and its global contribution in social and economic development.
At present, countries in different parts of the world participate in the commemoration of World Post Day. The India Post often uses the occasion to promote or introduce new and exciting postal products and services.As I had already mentioned, India is a vast country that has many villages, town, and cities. This makes it very difficult for the Postal Service of India to find or locate the right person or place.
Therefore, the six-digit India Pin Code was introduced to help with increasing efficiency when delivering parcels and letters to Indians across the country. If you want to increase the chances of your letter or parcel reaching its recipient intended, you must include the destination Pin Code, whether it is for a place in the Rajasthan deserts or in the Kashmir and Jammu mountains.
In conclusion, as you may have already noticed, the PIN Code system is not about to become obsolete anytime soon because of our different habits including shopping habits.

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