Sivagangai Pincode

Sivagangai Pincode

Sivagangai District

Sivagangai District is a hierarchical locale of Tamil Nadu state in southern India. The city of Sivaganga is the district headquarters . It is limited by Pudukkottai locale on the Noth East, Tiruchirapalli region on the North, Ramanathapuram region on South East, Virudhunagar area on South West and Madurai District on the West.

The founder of Sivagangai was Sasivarnana Periya Udaya Thevar and he was the main king of Sivagangai administration. The royal palace of the ex-leaders of Sivagangai can be seen here for example the Sree Viswanatha and Sree Subramaniya temples . There is a major Teppakkulam or Tank before the royal palace , which adds to the magnificence of the town.

History of Sivagangai

The Kingdom of Ramnad initially contained the domains of Ramnad, Sivaganga and Pudukottai of today. Regunatha Sethupathy assumed name Kilavan Sethupathy, the seventh King of Ramnad ruled somewhere in the range of 1674 and 1710. Kilavan Sethupathy, came to know about the boldness and valor of Peria Oodaya Thevar of Nalukottai, 4 Kilometers from Sholapuram close Sivaganga.

The King doled out to Peria Oodaya Thevar of Nalukottai a segment of land adequate to keep up 1000 armed men. Vijaya Regunatha Sethupathy turned into the eighth King of Ramnad in 1710 after the demise of Kilavan Sethupathy. The King gave in marriage his little girl akilandeswari nachiar, to Sasivarna Thevar, the child of Nalukottai Peria Oodaya Thevar.

The King gave Sasivarna Thevar arrives as settlement, free of tax assessment, adequate to keep up 1,000 men. He set him accountable for the strongholds of Piranmalai, Tiruppathur, Sholapuram and Tiruppuvanam just as the harbor of Thondi. In the interim Bhavani Sankaran, the child of Kilavan Sethupathy vanquished Ramnad domain and captured Sundareswara Regunatha Sethupathy, the ninth King of Ramnad. Bhavani Sankaran broadcasted himself as the Rajah of Ramnad. He turned into the tenth ruler of Ramnad and he ruled from 1726 to 1729. He fought with Sasivarna Peria Oodaya Thevar of Nalukottai and drove him out of his Nalukottai palayam.

Kattaya Thevan, the sibling of the late Sundareswara Regunatha Sethupathy fled from Ramnad and looked for asylum with the Rajah of Tanjore Tuljaji. While Sasivarna Thevar was going through the wildernesses of Kalayarkoi, he met a Gnani (sage) named Sattappiah, who was performing Thapas under a jambool tree close to a spring called Sivaganga . The ousted lord prostrated himself before him and portrayed all the past occurrences of his life.

The Gnani murmured a specific mantra in his ears (Mantra Opadesam) and exhorted him to go to Tanjore and execute a savage tiger which was kept by the Rajah particularly to test the fortitude of men. Sasivarna Thevar went to Tanjore. There he wound up familiar with Kattaya Thevan an exile such as himself. Happy with the great conduct of Sasivarma Thevar and Kattaya Thevan, the Rajah of Tanjore needed to assist them with regaining the States once more, requested his DALAVOY to run with an expansive armed force to attack Bhavani Sankaran.

Sasivarna Thevar and Kattaya Thevan on the double continued to Ramnad with a vast armed force outfitted by the king of Tanjore. They vanquished Bhavani Sankaran at the skirmish of Uraiyur and caught Ramnad in 1730. Along these lines Kattaya Thevan turned into the eleventh King of Ramnad.

Sivagangai places

Vettangudi Bird Sanctuary is close to Tirupattur. This sanctuary draws in various migratory birds , for example, white ibis, asian openbill stork and night heron. Additionally, the endangered species, for example, painted stork, dark heron, darter, little cormorant, little egret, halfway egret, steers egret, basic greenish blue, spotbill, pintail and flamingos rush here. The best time to visit is November to February.

Chettinad is the country of the Nattukottai Chettiars (Nagarathar), a prosperous banking and business network. It is outstanding for its Chettinad food which is hot and fiery. It is one of the south Indian cooking styles that have a substantial number of forte eateries. A run of the mill dinner will have meat, served on a banana leaf, with a substantial number of courses. Additionally the old Chettiar houses are wealthy in legacy, craftsmanship and design. Kanadukathan has one such excellent palatial house.

The opulence of the chettiars is appeared in their palatial houses. Cut teak wood entryways and outlines, marble floors, rock columns, Belgian mirrors and Italian tiles are the standards. There are likewise a couple pandiya temples. The Karpaka Vinayakar Temple and Sri Sowmiyanarayana Perumal Kovil in Thirukoshtiyur pulls in vast number of travelers.

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