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Pinterest brand:

Pinterest created quite a buzz when it arrived on the social network scene just over 2 years ago. With a membership of roughly 20 million, there is a huge audience to be captured on the picture sharing network

The site however has had some difficulty, with plateauing growth figures for new users it has tried to turn around its fortunes recently by demoing a new look as well as making its first acquisition, a recipe website Punchfork.

For brands, Pinterest has proved unsure advertising ground. Unusually, pages with the most followers are run by individuals and not companies. Let’s have a look at some successful Pinterest profiles that have managed to stand out amongst the crowd…

1. Mashable

A hugely popular technology site, Mashable has grown its Pinterest fanbase enormously over the past year. With board content such as ‘Extraordinary iPhone Covers’, ‘Web Humour’ and ‘Nerd Desserts’, Mashable know what their fans like. Amazingly, the website has managed to (currently) accumulate nearly the same amount of followers on both Pinterest and Facebook.

2. Marie Claire

The french magazine has been at the forefront of fashion for over 70 years and continues to expand its reach online. With boards containing behind the scenes pictures from fashion weeks across the globe, red carpet events etc. Marie Claire brings its ‘high status’ feel to its Pinterest profile.

3. Topman

The clothing retail behemoth has made a mark on Pinterest. With a well established presence on other social media websites, Topman have forged ahead on the picture sharing site. With boards containing exclusive content from fashion shoots, pictures of celebrities, musicians and even style tips, Topman has used Pinterest’s strengths to its advantage.

4. Starbucks

The coffee shop giant has garnered a large following on Pinterest by playing by the rules. Plenty of attractive pictures of food, furniture and gifts have made the Starbucks profile a very popular pinning source and encouraged user interaction.

5. Teen Vogue Magazine

The teen version of the New York based fashion magazine has a substantial following on Pinterest. With photos of the latest trends for young females and boards such as ‘Boys We Like’ and ‘Prom Inspiration’ the profile targets a specific demographic brilliantly. Although, many users might not actually buy the magazine it does build brand loyalty towards the adult Vogue edition (Who have a following of 36,000).

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