Safety officer

 Importance of a safety officer in workplaces


Safety is one of the most important aspects in any workplace. This is mainly because every worker wants to work in place where his or her safety is enhanced. It is the responsibility of the employers to ensure that their employees are safe. The employees are also responsible of ensuring that they are working in safe places. Consequently, both the employers and the employees need to ensure that the safety is enhanced. There are laws which are primarily meant to ensure that different types of workplaces are safe. Both the employers and employees are required to adhere to these laws. To ensure that these laws are adhered to it is paramount for every workplace to have a safety officer.

Roles and Responsibilities

The main responsibility of a safety officer is to ensure all the employees are safe. The safety officer should check that there are no things or actions that can put the employees in danger. This is achieved through ensuring that all the tools and facilities being used have met the necessary standards. It is also the responsibility of the safety officer to advice the employers on various things they can do to enhance safety in work places. These include the measures to put in place and the tools to be bought. The importance of this is that most employers are not conversant with some safety measures. With the advice of these officers the employers are able to know what they need to do so as to adhere to the set laws and also enhance the safety of the workers.

The Scope of Duties of safety officer

A safety officer is required in different workplaces with the most common being in construction sites. This is facilitated by the fact that heavy machinery are usually used in construction sites. There is also the need of high voltage power sources to run the various machines. If safety is not enhanced in such places the workers will be prone to accidents. The officer responsible of enhancing safety should inspect all the machines to ensure they are safe. The safety officer can also work by ensuring that the health of the employees is properly enhanced. The importance of this is that poor health can also undermine the safety of the employees.

Actions That Can Be Taken

In case a safety officer notices that certain safety measures are not put in place it is the responsibility of the particular safety officer to take the necessary actions. The officer should write a report and stop work until the necessary safety measures are put in place. If an accident happens the safety officer should be able to tell exactly what caused the accident. If it is negligence of the employer the report of the officer can be used to prosecute the particular employer. Furthermore, the officer should be in a position to advice the workers on what they should do if they are injured while in their workplaces.

Qualities of the Right Safety Officer

A good safety officer responsible of safety should be properly trained. This is important because it will help the particular officer understand the various safety attributes which needs to be put in place. The right officer should also have good communication skills so as to communicate well with both the workers and the employers. Therefore, it is important to have a competent safety officer in every workplace so as to enhance the safety of the workers.

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