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Twitter for Business gets a makeover

Twitter has revamped their Twitter for Business website, a point of reference for companies looking to start advertising on their platform. While advertising isn’t a new departure for Twitter, this re-launch offers businesses a handy resource containing some really useful information in a much more digestible format than before.

What is Twitter for Business?

Twitter for business presents an opportunity for companies who wish to communicate with customers using Twitter’s unique social platform. Here’s a brief outline of the tools available:

Sponsored Tweets

A perfect way to increase your visibility on Twitter is to sponsor your tweets. To avoid your message getting lost in a user’s feed, you will be given the choice of promoting this to your current followers or those not connected to your account. Sponsored Tweets are a great way to stimulate interest in your campaign.


Sponsored Accounts

This is perfect for companies looking to grow their follower base. Your Twitter profile will be suggested to users to follow based on interests or demographic parameters. It’s worth noting however that the quality of your followers is far more important than the quantity.

Sponsored Hashtags

Hashtags are used to search for topics being talked about on Twitter. The most talked about hash tags often become trending topics. These are a list of hashtags identifying the most talked about topics at a specific point in time. Companies can sponsor a hashtag to ensure it features on the list. While expensive, the exposure gained can massively improve your campaign visibility.


Twitter is fantastic for targeting audiences based on trends and interests. Their business tools allow brands to select customers based on a number of parameters including location, gender, device or interests. But most interestingly you can target people similar to your existing followers using Twitter’s algorithm. This means you are more naturally likely to engage with an enthusiastic audience.

Twitter’s analytics software recently got a makeover too and much more granular information is now available, providing you with more comprehensive data and allowing you to glean better learnings. You can also set yourself goals and monitor the progress of your campaigns in real-time.

Pricing on Twitter is a little different to other platforms. You’ll only pay for actual interactions. This means only when a user follows, retweets, replies, favorites or clicks your tweet, will you be charged. This is beneficial for smaller businesses looking to get the most from their advertising budget.

Things to consider

Twitter is a public forum and like all things that appear online, you should be conscious of what you are tweeting. PR disasters are all too common because of trigger happy employees with their fingers on the post button! Whoever is in charge of your account needs to be aware of the company tone of voice online and able to respond to customers appropriately, professionally and inline with your company social media policy.

Twitter is real-time social platform. Users talk about things happening right now and most expect a prompt response when interacting with a business or brand. Offering users timely feedback as well as valuable and engaging content are really important for building a loyal following. It’s fundamental to listen and respond to what is being said about your brand online.

Who should use it?

Any business that values the opinion of their customers should consider using Twitter as part of their overall social media strategy. It may seem daunting to open your brand up to such an unregulated and uncontrolled environment but a good strategy can lead to significant marketing rewards. The positives of being able to properly respond to good or bad comments can hugely outweigh the negatives and customers will always appreciate transparency and open communication.

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