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Here at Spids Indiaa we have been banging the drum about the importance of content creation to your digital marketing strategy for some time. Content creation, however, is not just about indulging in a spot of business blogging. Now, we want to turn your attention to the power of short-form video.

So, why should you, as a brand marketer, bother with short-form video?
The public’s appetite for short-form video has rocketed. And, there’s no sign of it slowing down. In April 2012, for instance, ComScore reported that the average internet user watched twenty-two hours of video per month with that level of consumption largely populated by short-form video.

Short-form video caters for the attention span of the Facebook generation – one to three-minute videos which aim to provoke a response, inspire a reaction or simply excite the viewer.

The appetite for short-form video has been and will continue to be developed by the prevalence of tablets and smart phones. And, the number of devices capable of serving up online video is multiplying.

Short-form video can be produced and promoted at a very low cost – the barriers to entry into this arena are continually being broken down thanks to technological advances. Those motivated to do so now have the ability to create beautiful HD video for a fraction of the costs once incurred. With some basic kit you can create compelling video content – if you have a smart phone, you have a video camera.

There are plenty of ways to disseminate and share your work. Obviously, YouTube dominates the market, but Vimeo houses a wonderful collection of videographers.

In terms of generating SEO content short-form video is a no-brainer. YouTube, for example, is owned by Google. And, if you post video to your website Googel crawlers specifically target such content when indexing your site. In fact Google reports that YouTube has become the second largest search engine averaging nearly twenty-eight per cent of all Google searches.

Short-form video is also a more meaningful means of interacting with audiences than traditional video marketing. If the content is engaging and/or informative your content will find an audience. Short-form video is a rich audio-visual experience which allows brands to control the story that they are trying to tell. Video engages an individual in a manner that photos and text cannot. Used correctly a brand marketer can add a face, voice, personality and a heart to a brand with short-form video.

In summary…

Budget cuts have forced brand marketers everywhere to up their game significantly in terms of establishing return on investment. Therefore a strict audit of your digital marketing campaign is required – if any aspect of your efforts are not generating leads, then they must be removed.

In such an environment short-form video fits right in. Successful brand marketers find themselves moving further and further away from direct advertising since options like short-form video are much more cost-effective, engage an audience and help to develop brand loyalty. Indeed, industry experts are predicting that short-form video will develop into the dominant form of digital marketing in the short to medium term.

And, the most attractive aspect to short-form video technology is that the barriers to establishing a successful strategy are extremely low. You don’t not need fancy equipment or a whole lot of professional expertise; all you need is a little imagination and a willingness learn.

Some quick tips to get you started on short-form video

  • Vimeo and YouTube feature plenty of how-to and do-it-yourself short-form video tutorials. Check them out.
  • Typically you should aim for authentic, but actionable content. Keep it short (one to three minutes), but remember to include a call to action and optimize your video for Google search.
  • If you have a smart phone, then you have a video camera. Consider getting access to some entry level video editing software, a tripod and even a simple microphone.
  • Make sure that you take an integrated approach to your short-form video strategy i.e. make sure it represents a part of your overall marketing strategy. Set some goals for your short-form video strategy and attach an appropriate means of measuring success/failure.
  • Content suggestions: demonstrate a product/service, customer testimonials, a behind-the-scenes look at your business or customer case study.

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