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A few tweaks could see Vine morph into a marketing juggernaut:

We like Vine, but it just isn’t quite there yet. Vine has the feel of something potentially revolutionary. It combines some well-established trends in terms of consumer behavior, but here at Brand Social we feel that some key improvements could morph Vine into a marketing juggernaut.

What is Vine?

In October Twitter bought a little-known company called Vine and fast developed the platform into a fun way to create short looping videos (six seconds in duration) – these ‘Vines’ can then be shared on your own Vine timeline (or embedded on Twitter). Right now Vine is only available on Apple iOS, but plans are in place to create an Android version. Vine has been likened to a video version of Instagram which isn’t all that far off the mark – Vine is stripped right back to the absolute basics of producing (and sharing) a video.

In a blog post, Vine GM Dom Hofmann wrote: “posts on Vine are about abbreviation – the shortened form of something larger. They’re little windows into the people, settings, ideas and objects that make up your life. They’re quirky and we think that’s part of what makes them so special”.

Growing pains…

Vine has endured some growing pains. Facebook decided to block the app and those nice people in the porn industry are working hard (and with some success) to make optimum use of the platform, but that said Vine is growing in popularity because it simply removes the traditionally complex nature of video production and enables you to focus on your content and on the story that you want to tell.

Six seconds might not seem like a significant amount of time, but we are already seeing creative minds achieving wonderful things with the app.

Vine is incredibly simple to use and it is recruiting plenty of enthusiastic users, fast. Normally where users flock (please excuse the immature Twitter pun) marketers are sure to follow. Plenty of brands and businesses are already using Vine in an effort to catch the eye of potential customers. However, before we endorse Vine we would like to see one or two tweaks to the platform. Tweaks that we expect to see implemented instinctively actually.

Vine has been billed in the media as an app created by Twitter, but it is actually a stand-alone platform. Surely Vine would benefit from native integration into the Twitter website and iOS app? We’d also like to see the potential to crop, zoom and edit introduced to the app as well as the capacity to review a final cut before publishing Vines.

Right now Vine represents a core product which perfectly fits in with Twitter’s ‘minimum viable product’ approach. Right now you can create an account, shoot some video and share it. But if Vine wants to attract the brand marketing community, tools to customize a brand message will be required. We’re hoping that Twitter are playing a long game with Vine which involves reviewing how members of the public use the app before further developments are announced.


As a brand marketing mechanism Vine has huge potential – it could prove to be a highly-efficient digital equivalent of the thirty-second television or radio spot.

Reports suggest that Twitter’s revenue in 2012 amounted to $350 million (2013 projection: $600 million to $1 billion). Twitter are also expected to launch an advertising API in early 2013. So, if that API presents brand marketers with an opportunity to develop targeted campaigns via both Twitter and Vine, the digital marketing landscape could be transformed.Here at Brand Social we are tentatively excited about Vine. Let’s put it this way: Vine should arm brand marketers with great storytelling firepower.

For now we recommend that you experiment with Vine, but adopt a wait-and-see approach before committing significant resources to developing content for the platform.

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