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Weight Gain Diet Plan For Skinny Girls

Diet plan for skinny girls to gain weight

Indian Girls Weight Gain Plan: One aspect where most girls worry about belly fat and weight gain. Besides, there are some girls who are underweight and want to gain weight. Most of the girls adopt many strategies to gain weight to stay fit and healthy. Girls can benefit from protein powder to gain weight. Apart from this, some girls resort to junk food to gain weight. But if you follow a proper diet, you can gain weight quickly and in a healthy way. By following a diet you can gain weight in a healthy way. Now you must be wondering what is the diet plan for weight gain? Or what diet plan should skinny girls follow to gain weight? (diet plan to gain weight)

Diet plan to gain weight for skinny girls 

Morning diet to gain weight

You can eat boiled eggs with a glass of milk every morning on an empty stomach to gain weight. 2. Eating boiled eggs, bananas and almonds can make you gain weight. This will give you the right amount of protein and vitamins.

Breakfast to gain weight

Most people skip breakfast. But if you want to gain weight, you have to eat breakfast. For weight gain, you can have stuffed paratha with a cup of curd for breakfast. You can have any vegetable or cheese paratha. You can also get sambar, dosa or moong dal chilla. Eating an omelet with bread can lead to weight gain.

Mid-morning meal for weight gain

Eating something in the morning is also very important. In winter you can eat peanuts or sesame seeds in the morning. Apart from this, you can also eat dried fruits. Also, eating a handful of almonds in the morning is very beneficial for health.

Lunch for weight gain

To gain weight, you must eat a heavy lunch. If you want to gain weight, you can have 2 dishes of vegetables, chicken or fish, yoghurt, 1 cup of lentils, 1 cup of rice and 2 rotis for lunch. You can also add a cup of sprouts and salad to your lunch.

Snacks to gain weight

You can have whole milk as a snack. If you want you can have poha or butter with it. This can help you gain weight. Dry fruits can also be added to snacks.

Weight loss dinner

To gain weight, you can eat a bowl of chicken and mixed vegetable soup, 2 loaves of bread and 2 cups of vegetables at night. Apart from this, you can have 1 cup of dal, 1 cup of rice and salad in dinner. You can drink a glass of milk at bedtime. Drinking turmeric milk can be beneficial.

Diet Plan for Weight Gain in Hindi: If you want to gain weight then you can follow this diet plan. If you are not gaining weight even after following this diet plan for some time, you can take the help of a dietician. Because a dietitian prepares a diet plan keeping in mind your health condition.

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