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Weight Loss Fat Loss Journey Alok Kumar Sharma 12 Kilos

Weight loss and fat loss journey Alok Kumar Sharma 12 Kg

Real Life Weight Loss Story: Everyone always wants to be healthy and fit so that they can run, do sports and do whatever they want to do. However, due to the constant changes in today’s lifestyle, many people are worried about gaining weight. It is very common to gain weight due to irregular eating habits, lack of exercise, staying up late at night, and eating too much junk food. Alok Kumar Sharma’s story is similar. A little motivation not only changed Alok Kumar Sharma’s life but also inspired him to move from fat to fit. Alok Kumar Sharma shares his weight loss journey with Only My Health, let us know his story.

Sedentary jobs and long hours…

Anecdote of his weight loss journey, Alok Kumar Sharma said, “I used to be very skinny earlier. When I joined the job after completing my education, I felt that life would change completely. Financially, you will now be able to do whatever you want, the world on your own. But work Late at night there was only one life change and that was obesity.I would go to the office in the morning and sit there and work for 12 to 14 hour days.Neither of them could do any physical activity during that time.While working in office hours , My full focus was on work and then on food.Because of continuous work, my weight increased to 83 kg.The belly and waist fat became visible to the world.

He himself does not like to see his fatness. But after finishing work in the office, the body did not have enough energy nor the mind had the strength to go to the gym or play sports.

One comment changed life.

My life was going on as before, said Alok Kumar. One day I was taking a mirror selfie at the mall and some girl commented very strangely about my body. I thought that day I would get fit again. At first I watched a lot of weight loss videos and only started eating a quarter in the name of a healthy diet. Although it didn’t have much effect, my body started to weaken internally due to not eating proper food. After some time, she took the help of a nutritionist and with the help of a proper diet and a little exercise, she lost 12 kg.

Nice to see you

After losing weight, Alok Kumar says that after losing 12 kilos, I feel kind of happy. I love looking in the mirror now. One of the things I learned after losing weight is that you can’t lose weight by eating less, but by eating right.

This was the story of Alok who lost 12 kg of weight by following a proper diet. Start your weight loss journey and don’t forget to share your experience with us.

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