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Weight Loss Fat Loss Journey Makarand Tayade 21 Kilos

Weight Loss Fat Loss Journey Makarand Tayade 21 Kilos

Makrand Tide, 41, a resident of Nashik, lost 21 kg in two years. Although this weight loss journey has not been easy for her. Recalling the good old days, McCrand says I gained a lot of weight during my childhood days. The reason was an unhealthy lifestyle. I hated myself every time I went to the mall. There were people fitter than me. But I considered myself different from others. McCrand’s weight increased to 90 kg when he realized that his physical capacity had already decreased. McCrand decided to embark on a weight loss journey to stop the body changes. In Onlymyhealth’s “Fat to Fit” series, today we learn McCrand’s story in his own words.

He Was Suffering From Depression Due To Being Overweight

“I suffered from depression because of my weight gain,” McCrand said. I had negative thoughts in my mind. I didn’t get excited about anything. This happens to many people but they don’t understand why. My friends and colleagues made fun of me for being fat.

Portion Size Control

McCrand said, “To lose weight, I control portion sizes and try to eat the right amount of everything. I try to get the right amount of protein, carbs, and fat. I avoid eating calorie-dense foods. I also avoid processed foods like cake, chocolate, pizza, burgers, etc.”

Eat Home Cooked Meals

McCrand said, “My diet is very simple. I only eat home cooked food. Talking about my daily routine, I have bread, tea and eggs in the morning. For lunch, I have rice with soya chunks or lentils. Apart from that I eat curd and green vegetables When I am hungry in the evening, I eat bread, eggs, or fruit, and for dinner I eat green vegetables, salad, yogurt, rice, and chicken.

Won a Bodybuilding Competition

McCrand said, “After losing the weight, my strength and energy have increased. It was my dream to be part of a fitness competition one day and my dream came true. After losing weight, I won a bodybuilding competition. I also won a gold medal 3 times. After the arrival of covid, the importance of maintaining a healthy body was realized. At the same time, I increased my focus on healthy lifestyle practices. During Covid, I’m used to completing 10,000 step counts every day. Apart from this, he was exercising for at least 45 minutes every day.

According to McCrand, people who want to lose weight should focus on a healthy lifestyle rather than pursuing a weight loss goal.

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