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Weight Loss Fat Loss Journey Pratima Lokwani 52 Kilos

Weight Loss & Fat Loss Journey Pratima Lokwani 52 Kg

Pratima Lokwani is a fitness trainer by profession. Pratima has proven that nothing is impossible by losing 52 kg in 10 months. But his journey was not so easy. Since childhood, people said many things to Pratima because of her weight gain, which still breaks her heart to remember. They were told that no one would marry them because of their weight. She looks older than her mother, has the body of a buffalo, and the statue has been mocked by various nicknames. But even after facing disapproval from the people, today he has proven that there is nothing greater than human willpower. In Onlymyhealth’s exclusive series “Fat to Fit”, today we get to know Bhopal resident Pratima’s weight loss story in her own words.

I was kicked off the swing for being overweight.

Pratima said that I have been suffering from obesity since childhood. Nobody tells us exactly what a healthy childhood lifestyle is. I used to eat 2 to 3 burgers at a time. When I went to the park on a school trip, I was embarrassed that I couldn’t sit on a swing. I was thrown off the swing. I have gained so much weight that clothes smaller than 6xl just don’t fit me. Clothes in my size were not readily available. I have visited many stores on Diwali and only found two of my sizes.

Because of being overweight, the body has become sick.

They thought I was too old. At the age of 19, my knees started to hurt. I climbed stairs. I couldn’t even reach. My menstruation started to be irregular and my thyroid level increased. I started taking 100 mg of Thyroid medication.After 8 to 10 months of not getting my period,I went for surgery.I was also ready.Because of the increasing physical problems, my mental health also started to decline.Then I decided that now I have to change myself.From 2017,I started my journey in losing weight.

Weight loss of 8 kilos in one month

Pratima said, “I lost 8 kg in the first month. I did it only with the help of food. I didn’t go to the gym. I went from 112 kg to 86 kg in a period of 2 months. With the weight loss, my period is normal. I can also see A difference in my skin color.My skin color became lighter than before.I lost 52 kg gradually over a period of 10 months and increased from 112 to 60 kg.I only lost weight with the help of diet.To tone my body,I started lifting weights and sports after 10 months.

Diet for weight loss

Pratima said, “I get up at 6 am. After waking up, I drink 500ml of plain water. Then I have juice, bread and butter before going to the gym. After working out, I have a sandwich with eggs or cheese. For lunch, I choose options like chicken curry, And rice, dal, roti, vegetables, oatmeal, chicken or eggs for dinner.

Lose weight without gym

Pratima said that when I lost 32 kilos, I put a picture on my social account for the first time. Gradually my followers started to increase. People wanted to learn weight loss tips from me. I guided them and kept in touch with people. It is absolutely impossible to lose weight by going to the gym. This is just a myth. Now I am happy looking at myself in the mirror. If you can lose weight, you will lose weight very easily. 

This was the story of Pratima who lost 52 kg without going to the gym. Start your weight loss journey and don’t forget to share your experience with us.

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