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XCAD Token Watch2Earn:Transforming YouTube Earnings

XCAD Token: Transforming YouTube
Earnings-Your Guide to the Watch2Earn Revolution


XCAD Token Watch2Earn:Transforming YouTube Earnings

XCAD Network is making waves by introducing the
revolutionary concept of
Watch2Earn. With over 2.1 billion active YouTube users
worldwide, XCAD is changing the game, allowing fans to earn Creator token
rewards while watching their
favorite content creators directly on YouTube.Watch2Earnrevolution and explore its potential impact.
Watch2Earn Revolution
we’ve witnessed the rise of concepts like Play2Earn
and Move2Earn in the crypto space, capturing the imagination of millions.
However, there’s an even larger audience of 2.1 billion active YouTube users
who contribute significantly to the platform by watching and engaging with
content creators. XCAD Network aims to synergize with this vast user base by
rewarding viewers for their loyalty.

Bridging the
Gap Between Fans and Creators

One of the
significant challenges in the world of online content creation is the gap
between fans and creators. Fans often lack avenues to get closer to their favorite creators or express their loyalty effectively. XCAD addresses this issue by
providing a platform for creators to interact with and reward their fans within
the framework of Web 3.0. This leads to enhanced engagement and mutual value
for both parties, strengthening the bond between creators and their audience.

NFT Moments:
A New Dimension

Tokens (NFTs) have already demonstrated their potential in the crypto world.
XCAD Network takes NFTs to the next level by gamifying and incorporating
utility into the collectible system. The platform is set to transform iconic
moments from top YouTubers into gamified NFT collectibles. Users can either try
their luck by opening NFT Moment packs or purchase these collectibles from the
secondary marketplace. It’s a novel way to engage with and own a piece of
content creator history.

XCAD Token Watch2Earn:Transforming YouTube Earnings

Impact on Content Creators

XCAD Network
is not just about rewarding viewers; it’s also about empowering content
creators in an increasingly competitive space.


For content creators, XCAD opens up new
monetization avenues. The platform already boasts collaborations with creators
who collectively have over 500 million subscribers. This synergy offers
creators a unique opportunity to connect with their fans in unprecedented ways,
fuelling their growth and success.


Support for Aspiring YouTubers

Starting a YouTube channel can be daunting, and
many aspiring creators struggle to make it in this ultra-competitive
environment. XCAD’s ecosystem offers a financial roadmap for budding YouTubers,
helping them navigate the unpredictability of income during their initial

Ageing and Countermeasures

XCAD Network
introduces an “ageing” system that has garnered attention within the
community. Here are some clarifications and answers to frequently asked
questions regarding this system:


Will Your Nerd Expire?

ageing process does not lead to the expiration of your nerd. Instead, it is a
gradual process over a specific period. Even at the end of this process, your
nerd will still yield a substantial portion of its original rewards. To prevent
ageing, anti-ageing products are available for use.


Effects on

Your nerd’s “Speed” level determines when the
ageing process begins. Higher Speed levels delay ageing. During the 60-day
ageing process, earning power decreases linearly. It starts with a 35%
decrease, eventually reaching 50%. While this may seem significant, it’s
important to note that those deep into the ageing process have already earned


Stopping Ageing

Anti-ageing products in the store allow users to
prevent ageing or exit the ageing process, regardless of its depth. Maintaining
a high-Speed level through upgrading your nerd remains essential to stay out of
the ageing process.


XP Boosts’ Relevance

XP boosts are not obsolete; they are still valuable.
Upgrading your nerd’s stats increases earning power and extends the time before
entering the ageing process. Additionally, the lottery feature is back,
offering extra rewards based on your luck stat.


Marketplace Purchases

Users who recently bought nerds on the marketplace and are
concerned about ageing have good news. XCAD Network plans to airdrop a 30-day
anti-ageing consumable to these users within a specific timeframe, providing a
boost to their ageing nerds


Age of Nerds and Anti-Ageing

your nerd is less than 30 days old, applying a 30-day anti-age product still
grants the full benefit. For example, a newly minted nerd displaying “45
Days until ageing starts” will update to “75 days until ageing starts”
after applying the anti-age product.


NFT Re-Rolls and Reset Watches

XCAD Network
introduces NFT re-rolls, allowing users to mint a new nerd with fresh
characteristics and age reset. Reset Watches Consumable is another addition,
enabling users to earn from previously watched videos.


Exclusive Benefits for OG Nerds

XCAD values its
OG nerd holders and plans to provide them with extra benefits in the coming
weeks. These benefits include improved chances of getting higher-level nerds
when re-rolling, resetting nerds’ age to zero, and more.


XCAD Network is poised to revolutionize how viewers
engage with their favourite YouTubers while providing content creators with new
monetization opportunities. The introduction of NFTs, the ageing system, and
various countermeasures add depth to the platform, ensuring an engaging and
rewarding experience for all participants in the XCAD ecosystem.



1. What is
XCAD Network, and what does it aim to achieve?

XCAD Network is a
cryptocurrency platform that introduces the concept of #Watch2Earn, allowing
viewers to earn Creator token rewards while watching their favourite YouTubers
directly on YouTube. It aims to bridge the gap between content creators and
their fans while providing innovative monetization opportunities.

2. How does
the Watch2Earn revolution work?

XCAD Network
rewards viewers for watching content creators on YouTube. It creates a
symbiotic relationship, where viewers earn rewards for their loyalty, and
creators can interact with and reward their fans within a Web 3.0 framework.

3. What are
NFT Moments on XCAD Network?

NFT Moments are
gamified and utility-based NFT collectibles that turn iconic moments from top
YouTubers into digital collectibles. Users can obtain NFT Moments by opening
packs or purchasing them from the secondary marketplace.

4. How does
XCAD Network support content creators?

XCAD Network
provides additional monetization opportunities for content creators by allowing
them to interact with and reward their fans. It already has collaborations with
creators who have a combined subscriber base of over 500 million.

5. What is the
“ageing” system on XCAD Network?

“ageing” system on XCAD Network is a process that affects the earning
power of users over a 60-day period. It starts with a 35% decrease and
gradually reaches 50%. However, anti-ageing products are available to prevent
or mitigate the effects of ageing.

6. How can I
prevent my nerd from ageing on XCAD Network?

You can prevent
your nerd from ageing by using anti-ageing products available in the store.
These products can be stacked, allowing you to keep your nerd’s earning power

7. Are XP
boosts still relevant on XCAD Network?

Yes, XP boosts
are still important. Upgrading your nerd’s stats increases its earning power
and extends the time before it enters the ageing process. Additionally, XP
boosts contribute to the lottery feature, offering extra rewards based on your
luck stat.

8. What if I
recently purchased a nerd on the marketplace and its ageing?

XCAD Network
plans to airdrop a 30-day anti-ageing consumable to users who recently bought
nerds on the marketplace. This will help users mitigate the effects of ageing
on their nerds.

9. What are
NFT re-rolls, and how do they work?

NFT re-rolls
allow users to mint a new nerd with fresh characteristics and reset its age to
zero. This can be useful for those who want to optimize their earnings or
prefer to start with a new nerd.


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