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A Character Count Guide to Blog, Facebook Posts

February 17, 2022

Spids Indiaa

There are several factors that you have to consider while writing engaging content. You can convince the audience with simple text. For it, you have to make the lines catchier.

Often we find some posts on the internet that we love to read till the last as they are managed in such a way that anyone can read and understand.

And we also see the description of a product that is too lengthy that the mood of buying that product gets changed due to that lengthy content.

So, it is a crucial factor that everyone needs to consider in writing the content for a post or blog. You have to convince the readers by using a short and effective method.

Does word count matter in writing?

Many individuals increase the length of their content as they think that they can get more traffic on the page due to more word count.

But it is a wrong perception as you can’t engage the readers by making the posts lengthy. You have to be precise and short with the words. If we take an example of ourselves, we would love to read the content that is explaining things to the point and making the sense.

Otherwise, we instantly move to the next page and try to get the answer from there. This is also a ranking element when you keep the text original and understandable for the reader.

Amazing fact:

Social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram restrict the users from exceeding the limit of character count. It not only helps the users to keep the content to the point and also makes your views to the point.

When you have to cover the topic in limited words, you will automatically eliminate the lines that are not related to your topic. Also, you will avoid irrelevant examples to keep the reader engaged.

On social media platforms, you can’t surpass the limit of word count, or else you have to go for another post.

How one can control the word count?

Making the word count limited and keeping your text to the point is not a difficult task. The factor you need to remember is that follow the theme of the content.

Say you are explaining the advantages of having a table lamp then tell the benefits only. There is no need to tell that how one can place it and where you have to place it. It’s the customer’s choice that how he will use that lamp.

Keep the content around your actual topic. Adding inappropriate examples and making the word count better is just a waste of time – both for the writer and reader.

Another way of getting control of character count is by using an online tool. Users can look for a character counter tool and upload their content to see the total number of words and characters. This tool will tell the total characters, words, and sentences present in your article. Keywords also matter a lot in ranking the content. This online tool also shows the keyword density so users can increase or decrease it as per requirement

Tips to make the post and understanding

We all have the idea that increasing the content length is not a good SEO practice. You need to be precise with your thoughts and try to deliver the message in a short and effective way. There are numerous factors that you have to focus on while making the text to the point and informational for the readers.

Here we are going to discuss some of the crucial tips that can help keep the topic on track.

Make the outlines

The first thing that you must do is make the outlines of your topic. It will be a big relaxation in explaining the central ideas of the topic.

Let’s say you start the topic without making outlines. You will definitely add some distracting lines that are not even relevant to the topic.

Now the other scenario is that you are making the outlines of the entire topic. Here you will have an idea till the end that what you are going to write in each section. It will also help you to avoid thoughts that are not linked with the topic.

Fix word count for each section

When you start writing the content without specifying the character count limit, you make it too long without any reason.

But when you have to focus on the length of content, you will definitely avoid the text that is not meant to be written or that will lead to distracting the reader.

Set a limit for the word count in how many words you will cover each section. Not only will it make the text precise but also more informational for the reader.

Learn the art of infographics

Infographics is the trick that can make the content short and more informative. It also makes easy for the readers to understand the content.

Sometimes a person finds it hard to read the context of the topic or he may have listened to that topic for the first time.

When you provide the information by using pictures, the reader easily understands the theme of the content. So, it is necessary to use images and make the blog more worthy.

Final lines

On many platforms, a user is not allowed to upload content that is exceeding the limit. That means you have to cover the topics in limited character.

For it, you have to be precise and descriptive with your thoughts that can save the time of the reader and take them directly to the central point of content.

You need to give value to the time of the audience. Add the ideas that can engage the readers and not distract them or force them to divert back.

The tips discussed in this article can be quite valuable for all the readers and allow them to make the blog and Facebook posts attractive.