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December 1, 2018

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High CPC AdSense keyword

As there are many companies that operates ads via social media platform or sites like Ad-Words, LinkedIn, Google, Face book, Instagram and so on in order to sell their goods and services, whose businesses maintains some rupees. There is earning related to their clicks getting like if someone clicks on their ads then they get valued as per their bid sets.

Long tail high CPC keywords

It is mainly based on the keywords, through which it is simple to grade them in Google. With the help of this, they have high CPC rate that provides fluctuations in their earnings.

Benefits of long tail and high CPC keywords

Search volume

The main fact beyond the use of long tail and high CPC keywords is that this kind of searches has most significant search volume. In order to drop searches begin to becoming lengthy, they would need to expect search volumes. For instance, most of the people are searching shorter like cheap televisions Brisbane of 3 words rather than longer searches like Low cost Sony Bravia TV shops in Brisbane of 8 words.

Click through rate

Long tail and high CPC gives benefits of getting higher CTR because long ads are customized according to the search query. Mainly long tail keywords have low competition so that there is a huge chances for clicking on their ads as well as these are specific in needs so that they can able to write relevant and targeted ads in order to encourage searcher to click on them. While talking about the CTR of different word count of all searches as searching of 1, 2, 3 words have low CTR so that they need to appear at least 4 words which is considerably strong for the long tail keywords.

CPC and Average position

It is related to that fact as these keywords are cheaper for ranking of same kind of ads or same amount of pay for high ad ranking. Most of the marketers think that long tail keywords are cheaper as they have low competition but it is essential to carry average position into their consideration.

Let’s looking upon the average spot, the searches of 1, 2 and 3 words ad ranking is relatively slow that appearing near to the bottom. As the length of words raises, ads are displayed considerably higher which leads the appearing of top positions.

Although, the CPC were similar for all searches of word counts and long tails were often revealed in a top positions. When a person sets maximum CPC bid for keywords then Google will show them as high spot over their higher bids. If keywords are cheaper then Google would not charge less from them.

Conversion rate

It is a fact that the long tail keywords have higher rate of conversion which is a attractive persuasive tendency. As these keywords have significant search volume, strong CTR as well as cheaper than short tailed but for this, the engagement of people is essential if they do not highly engage with their websites their clicks are not good.

Cost per acquisition

It is related to that it have low cost per acquisition as well as that can be highly profitable. As there is a clear things between the CPA and word count as the translations from long tail searches look like to be cheaper than the renovations from generic or short tail searches.