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SEO Mistakes

August 30, 2020

Spids Indiaa

Need to know the SEO mistakes to avoid your website loss

If you know about digital marketing, you may have heard the term SEO optimization. You know, SEO is one of the most important metrics for the success and reach of your brand. As a top notch SEO company in Chennai, we know that to focus on what really matters for the modern search engines results matter to consumers. To help you out, here are the top major SEO mistakes you must avoid to see greater success with your website or business.

You don’t fix broken links

It can dampen your SEO rankings. As one of the duties of a no 1 SEO service company in Chennai is to scan the website far and wide for broken links, if not done properly it can be a frustration not only for users, but also a big SEO mistake that leads to loss. What happens when your website has broken links?

Fixing broken links on your websites through a reputed SEO company in Chennai that your audience regularly visits is mandatory because it creates an opportunity for your business to reach and drive traffic from your target audience.

Not focusing on quality and relevant content

A prominent SEO company Chennai can give you best guidance on the ways to handle poor quality content on your website without hurting your SEO rankings.

Still using the old HTTP version

Do you still use the old insecure HTTP version on your website? Do you know that website security and SEO are intimately connected in terms of great SEO rankings? Of course Https is a SEO ranking factor and if in case you really don’t know about this what to do to make it secure, you should immediately contact a SEO company to quickly fix it with SSL certificate and achieve better results.

Not doing proper keyword research

We could see a lot of bloggers struggle to raise their search traffic, the major reason behind that is they fail to do keyword research. Although keyword research is a painful process, yet it is a big mistake that can hurt on search engine rankings and search traffic.

Certainly, the best SEO Company in Chennai will have better and more affordable ways to generate far more keyword research, and, to attract significantly more relevant visitors for your website.


It is obvious that most of us make a lot of SEO mistakes of which some are fatal and many are silly. That being said, SEO is a huge ocean, the challenge lies in identifying the mistakes you are making. Many websites continue to exist without knowing about those mistakes they are making. If that let’s go on long enough, the consequences have a negative impact on the SEO rankings.

Now you may have learned few of the SEO mistakes that must be stayed away and to prevent. Do you want to give the website the care it deserves? You just need to do them the right way with the best SEO services from a reputed SEO agency.