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May 28, 2021

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Do backlinks really matter to your SEO results?

The topic of whether backlinks are important for good SEO results is similar to the question of whether a business needs marketing. While a high-quality company product may speak for itself, a proper marketing strategy is required to increase sales and scale the firm.

Getting backlinks to a website is like receiving an authorization signature for your project. With more trusted websites linked to your website through the best SEO agency in Chennai the more search engines perceive it as a credible source for ranking well. Having a strong and good backlink strategy in place gives you a much-needed traffic boost and domain authority, thus making backlinks an integral part of SEO.

At this time a question may arise in your mind, isn’t content marketing the king in the SEO strategy? Yes, of course!

While content is undoubtedly king, and unique and value-centered content is the best SEO tool, when your SEO company in Chennai puts both solid valuable content for the user and includes relevant and well-aged backlinks throughout the content, then they are on the right track.

Why do people still struggle to get traffic when there are over 1 billion active websites nowadays and so much demand for anything online? Because they don’t understand how to get the most out of their SEO efforts.

Driving traffic to your website through proven techniques of SEO services is important, and what’s more important is the number of backlinks to your website. You have to smartly target your crowd and do the best to draw in people who have a shared interest in what you have to offer with quality backlinks.

Strategies to use backlinks to drive traffic and increase your SEO results

Focus on quality and valuable content

If you need to increase the chances of credible and trustworthy websites linking back to your website, then you have to produce good contents that are worth sharing. When you offer valuable content that provides the reader with something they need and explore, the chances it gets shared increases.

Also when you link to other websites in your content, just ensure that the sources are relevant to the topic that you have written. The quality of backlinks not only aids to boost your website’s credibility but also increases the chances of receiving backlinks in return.

Engage with experts and partners in the industry

Participating in debates within your field, according to top SEO companies in Chennai, helps position your website as a relevant and trustworthy source. You should make your presence worthy and engaging in your field to attract attention.

Always remember that it’s more important to focus on the quality of your links than the quantity. Although you may be able to obtain a large number of connections, they will only be beneficial to your digital marketing services if they come from reliable and relevant sites.

Guest blogging

Everything starts with unique content. Good content is the one that makes people stick around it. First, make your concern on bringing people in then build traffic. Submitting guest articles to a well-established website that has high domain authority and a lot of traffic is found to be an ideal way to build quality backlinks.

Producing high-quality content may be time-consuming, yet you should be a little selective in selecting the websites to approach. This will help you to earn quality backlinks.

Build links via comments

Do you know the words of experts from a professional SEO company in Chennai? Comments are powerful backlinking tools. If you know the ways and methods on how to effectively share your thoughts about a specific subject in the comment section, you are going to win a big game.

If you are able to post a constant flow of intelligent comments that could actually expand on the subject at hand, web admin will start to notice your contribution, which could eventually lead to guest blogging opportunities as well for quality backlinks.

Be creative

If you want to increase your SEO results by speeding up your link-building strategy, now is the time to get creative with SEO tactics from a reputable SEO company in Chennai. You must use your ingenuity to create new projects and develop backlinks when shareable content has a high value and high return endeavor.

Linking to your website on social networking platforms is really beneficial, but be sure to utilize them selectively, rather than linking to it in every post you make. Case studies seem to be useful when you work with a guest posting deal with high domain authority websites because it shows that you truly care about the work and are proud to share it with others. People are more likely to share infographics 3 times than any other type of content. So doesn’t it look great for building backlinks?


The quality and relevance of backlinks are the most important factors that determine the ranking position in search engines. Ignoring the backlinks of your website can lead to a lack of traffic and conversions. As we discussed in this post, look at the ways and start implementing the techniques, you will be able to push up your link-building efforts.