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How to Write Search Engine Friendly Content in WordPress

December 1, 2021

Spids Indiaa

What is SEO

SEO is related to the acronym which locates for the Search Engine Optimization that is mainly used by the owners of websites as a strategy in order to high traffic in their search engines ranking. It is not about the tricking gaming or Google system which is about to make website that has formatting as well as optimized code for making them easy for SEO to search their websites easily. While people look for the web on any topics which writer rite about, the SEO content will highly come into the view of search results and they will get high clicking on them as well.

Importance of SEO

As it is considered as a biggest source of traffic for websites as Google or some other search engines adopt advanced algorithms in order to know as well as rank pages adequately in search history or result. Therefore, the algorithms are not accurate or perfect they still require writing content about it in order to properly understand them. it is essential for the owners of business organisations to develop friendly website search engine so that they can able to increase search traffics.

What is Word Press?

WordPress is defined as an open source CMS means content management system that facilitates a specific way in order to design, manage as well as make public websites even if users don’t aware about the HTML programming. Blogging refers to that what coils to the mind while people think about word press but it is not only for writing blogs as the power of word Press is about 32% of internet.

For example, TechCrunch, The Walt Disney, BBC America, Merceded Benz etc. are the examples of well known companies which operates or publish their websites on word press.

How to start writing SEO content?

Find Ideal Length of Content

By using SEMRUSH content assistant in order to analyse what is the inactive word limit which should have to improve their chances for top ranking. For using this, some stages need to follow such are discussed as below:

Then click on “Create Search Engine Optimization template” and it will show results that are display in below picture :

The above picture shows that the average word of target keywords in first page is 2182.

Scout “people also ask”

In this, search their keywords in Google search and will be show a particular section that known as “people also ask”.

From the above chart or picture it can be shown that there are several questions in which choose any one which make sense of article content and answer them in their content writing. While a person clicking on one question then Google will allow more queries after that which is related to that.

This is considered as a smart way that ensures their SEO content give answers of queries which people are looking for.

There are several issues that are being faced by businesses or people while doing content marketing and writing SEO friendly content or article that are shown in the above diagram.